World of Warcraft + all avilable expansions EU giveaway [CLOSED]

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With Legion launching in a little over two months from now this is as good a time as any to jump back into the world of Azeroth or perhaps even experience it for the first time if you’ve never played World of Warcraft before. Getting into WoW is no longer as expensive as it used to be but it’s even better if you can get in for free, right? As it happens, that’s what we are here to provide in this giveaway by offering you the chance to win one digital copy of World of Warcraft. Check out the widget further down below if you want to get straight to business or read on to learn more about the rules and a couple of other things you may want to know.

First off, the game code is only available in the EU region so make sure you are eligible to play Blizzard games in that region before you decide to participate. Secondly, the game features all the currently available expansion packs, including Warlords of Draenor, as well as 30 days of free game time to start you off on the right foot. After that it’s up to you if you want to continue your subscription or not, which currently costs 15 EUR (or your regional equivalent) per month. Finally, the code won’t work to extend your current subscription with additional game time, though you can use it to upgrade a trial version of World of Warcraft or just active the full game right off the bat.

As for the rules themselves, you can enter by completing one or multiple tasks in the widget below, which simply consist of giving us some love on social media, sharing this giveaway with your friends or telling us about you experience with WoW in the comments section. As always, the more entries you have the higher your chances of winning so be sure to do all of the above. Aside from that, all you’ll really need is patience as our World of Warcraft giveaway will last for two full weeks until July 5th when we will pick the winner and contact him or her during the same day.

World of Warcraft Giveaway

As a side note, Blizzard is currently giving away some free items to anyone who logs into World of Warcraft until August 1st. Whether you win the game from us or already have a subscription it’s worth knowing that these items are weapons that closely resemble those you may have seen in the new Warcraft movie. The items themselves are low level, their purpose being to be used as transmogrifications for higher level weapons of your choice. There are a total of four replica items up for grabs, two for the Horde and two for the Alliance, which come in the form of the Blood Guard’s Cleaver, the Staff of Gul’dan, the Lion’s Fang, and the Lion’s Heart. You can check out all these items in the video below courtesy of Wowhead.

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  1. I played some wotlk back in the days(private server) It was really cool but, I never got to play the original game.

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