Wild West Online Confirmed to Launch on PC Later This Year

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Wild West Online is an upcoming action MMO that recently made waves online thanks to its visual similarities to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. With Red Dead Redemption 2 not coming to PC (as far as we know), this game aims to serve as a replacement of sorts for PC gamers who want to play cowboy. After all, there aren’t a whole lot of Wild West themed titles out there and there’s definitely a high demand for them. Case in point, developer 612 Games was attempting to crowdfund Wild West Online via Kickstarter, however, it looks like that will not longer be necessary as the devs already managed to gather the required funds in record time.

According to 612 Games, the recent buzz surrounding Wild West Online was so great that a number of investors stepped up to the plate and provided them with all the funding they needed. Consequently, the developers no longer need to rely on Kickstarter to get things up and running. Moreover, it sounds like the investors were pretty generous indeed as Wild West Online is also set to bypass Early Access, with the devs focusing on a full launch on PC later this year.

“The community’s response to Wild West Online is something we never imagined and thanks to it we’re able to fully develop a robust Western experience for PC,” said Stephan Bugaj, Chief Creative Officer of 612 Games. “We’ve been fortunate enough to have our initial investors step up and provide additional funding to make the game we wanted, without having to raise money via crowdfunding. Westerns are lacking on PC so we can’t wait to release the game to the public.”

Wild West Online doesn’t have an official release date just yet but if things continue to progress well, I’m sure we’ll hear more details about the game very soon. If you want to learn more about the upcoming title make sure to visit the official website and sign up for the Alpha and Beta testing phases.

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