Weekend Game Deals – Dishonored 2, Infinite Warfare, Titanfall 2, and more

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You probably don’t need me to tell you that there have been a crazy amount of good games coming out recently. Well, some of them have been pretty hit or miss with a lot of gamers, but overall, the Fall season has been pretty amazing so far all things considered. Given the high amount of great titles currently available, we figured a new edition of weekend game deals may come in handy since, chances are, you won’t have the time or the means to grab all the new releases right now. If you’re not necessarily looking for new releases, however, we also came across a number of great deals for older titles, which as one might expect, are quite a bit cheaper at the moment.

CDKeys Deals

G2A Deals

G2A has the bad habit of sometimes showing different prices than the ones people actually link to, so just scroll down to find the best deal if that happens.


Some of the deals listed above will only be available for a very limited amount of time so you may see different prices if you’re reading this a few days from now. Speaking of game deals, Rainbow Six: Siege is available for free on Steam this whole weekend. Also, Warframe just received a major new update on PC entitled The War Within so go check it out if you’re looking for some free-to-play ninja action.

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