Warhammer End Times – Vermintide on PS4 and Xbox One – Is It Worth Buying?

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Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide launched today on PS4 and Xbox One, almost one full year after indie developer Fatshark Studios first released the game on PC. Is it worth buying one year later on consoles, though? Assuming you don’t already have the game on PC, the short answer would have to be a resounding yes for most people because the game itself is quite good, however, there are a couple of things to take into consideration before pulling out your wallet.

For those unfamiliar with Left 4 Dead or other titles in the genre, Vermintide is a four-player co-op game where the goal is to survive increasingly more difficult waves of enemies and eventually reach the end objective in order to complete the level. The Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game include all the DLC packs currently available for the PC version, which brings the number of existing playable levels to a grand total of 18. In addition, there are also a number of difficulty settings for each of the levels and a Last Stand mode where the only objective is to survive for as long as possible.

But while Vermintide is very similar to Left 4 Dead in concept, many aspects of the gameplay are quite different and there’s more emphasis on cooperation, especially when playing on some of the higher difficulty settings. As a result, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is definitely best played with three other people that you know given that communication between players is quite essential. If that’s not an option, however, it’s worth noting that Vermintide does feature a matchmaking system that will place you in a party with random people when searching for a game, so don’t worry about not being able to play at all if you don’t have friends who own the game because that won’t be the case.

Unless you’re planning to master all the existing levels – in which case good luck because you’re gonna need it – the gameplay might get repetitive after a while, but don’t worry because killing hordes of humanoid rats is just one of the highlights of this game. Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is just as much about collecting loot as it is about combat, with each of the five available heroes being able to equip a wide variety of items ranging from common to legendary. As one might expect, equipping better quality items will increase the efficiency and power of you hero, however, the best items are usually acquired by playing at higher difficulties. Items can also be created at the forge but this process requires destroying many lower quality items in order to acquire their materials and build something better.

Another aspect that allows Vermintide to stand out from the crowd is its excellent combat system, which incorporates melee weapons, firearms, bows, crossbows, and magic. The visuals are also equally impressive and unlike the mindless zombies of L4D, the Skaven of Vermintide are quite intelligent and tend to employ a variety of tactics in order to defeat the players. All in all, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is a very good co-op game that’s definitely worth the $40 asking price, especially if you’re interested in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. That said, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is still an indie project at the end of the day so bugs and other technical issues might occur from time to time, just like they do on the PC version. Aside from the occasional hiccup and some potential launch-day server issues, however, there should be no major performance problems with this game.

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  1. Had a good time on my first mission. My only complaint about the controls is that it uses acceleration rather than an analog input. Right now I can move the stick a little or a lot, but it moves at the same speed, at a certain time held though it goes fast quick. So if I see an enemy to my right, I try to turn quickly to aim, right before my cross hairs get there, high speed kicks in and I’m facing my left. Very aggravating.

    1. Author

      I’m afraid that’s mostly an intentional design choice that was ported straight from PC as the PC version doesn’t give you the ability to run or even sprint short distances either. I suppose the developers went down that route to make it feel more like a survival game rather than an action game. As for the acceleration issues, they may or may not be caused by server lag. I could be wrong of course but I checked Fatshark’s Twitter several times since the game launched and it seems like there are still some server issues now and again. Maybe you can find some answers related to the problem you’re desribing there: https://twitter.com/VermintideGame/with_replies

  2. I will have to admit to being less than impressed with the game. Despite the levels being quite different in style and layout, they feel the same play-wise, and there is no real attempt to communicate a story through them. The FOV is not customizeable on the PS4, which means your are stuck with the 90 degrees version (and truncated screens, for some reason – edge letters and graphics are sliced away at the top). The keys cannot be re-mapped to any useful extent. The different heroes don’t really feel all that different. And in MP quick play, there are frequent disconnects – it looks like the host leaving will crash the current session back to the start screen. In half a day of play this happened over ten times.

    I don’t know how the pc version works, but the ps4 port is a disappointment.

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