Twitch is becoming more interactive by introducing "Clips"

Twitch is becoming more interactive by introducing “Clips”

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The most popular streaming service Twitch has announced today that it started to roll out a new interactive feature called “Clips”. As Twitch’s fanbase is expanding day by day the company is constantly trying to improve their streaming service as well as bring out new features that make online streaming more appealing. Of course, one of the most interesting thing for live streaming is the ability to chat but there are many funny moments you’d like to share with your friends that aren’t currently watching a stream but you can’t.

Starting today, whenever you feel like there is an unforgettable moment happening during a stream you can press the “Clip” option which will record a 30 seconds clip that you can share on social media. To be sure you are going to capture the moment you want you can hit the “Clip” button a couple of times but be sure you are not closing the Clip window before copying the designated URL because once the clip window is closed, your clip will be gone. Some might say that the clip feature is useless because if there is something you want to talk about you can always find a recorded broadcast but those can last for several hours and maybe the pun you want to share can simply be recorded in a 30 seconds clip.

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Another interesting part about “Clips” is that on top of the clip you are making your Twitch ID will be featured so everyone will know that you captured that interesting moment first. “Clips” has started to roll out today but only a small part of users and some partnered channels have received it. Sill, Twitch promises that over the coming weeks every Twitch viewer will be able to make clips of their favourite streams and for more details a guide on how to use clips has been added to the Twitch Help Center.


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