Total War: Warhammer Will Receive New DLC Before the Sequel Comes Out

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Total War: Warhammer already has plenty of DLC, perhaps too much some might argue, however, there’s apparently still room for more. Luckily, Creative Assembly announced that we can expect the upcoming content to be completely free of charge. We’re looking at two additional pieces of DLC, the first of which is said to be similar in scale to Blood Knight and ” tied to an event later in the summer.” As for the second new addition to Total War: Warhammer, players can expect to see a new race that has some rather unique gameplay mechanics. No word on what race it is, however, the developers did confirm that it’s not Kislev. What we do know for certain is that the new DLC will launch later this year, before the release of Total War: Warhammer II.

In addition to working on Total War: Warhammer II and new DLC for the original, Creative Assembly are also busy creating additional content for some of their historical projects. The developers mentioned working on a large campaign pack DLC for one of their more recent games, though they didn’t say which one. They did, however, showcase some concept art that features what seems to be a Norse warrior, complete with crow wings and wolf fur cloak. The expansion is set to launch sometime later this year along with a new update to the main game.

Meanwhile, the other development teams are working on a couple of entirely new historical projects, including the upcoming free-to-play strategy game Total War: Arena. The game is currently in its Alpha testing phase and will be present on the floor next week at E3. Creative Assembly aren’t saying much about the other new major release other than the fact that it will not be based on a specific era or character. Instead, the upcoming title will apparently revolve around a historical ‘flashpoint’ moment, a period “where events could have unfolded in any direction, dramatically changing the course of history in only a handful of months or years.”

Total War: Warhammer II doesn’t have an official release date just yet, but the developers are hoping to launch it later this year. A demo of the game has already been making the rounds among press members and YouTubers recently so expect to hear more info at E3 next week during the PC Gaming Show.

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