Supergirl: Is there any hope for a second season?

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Supergirl, the TV-series that focuses on the life of Kara Zor-El, played by Melissa Benoist, the cousin of the world’s favorite super-human from Krypton, Superman, might not be renewed for a second season. As CBS has already announced some of its renewed TV shows, they failed to mention anything about Supergirl’s fate. As the show’s ratings have significantly dropped since its debut in October last year, CBS might cancel the show completely.

Still, we need to take into consideration that even shows like “Arrow” had a first bad season and then regained popularity. Like every other TV-Series, from time to time after producing a “bad” season people simply lose hope and stop watching the series altogether which leads to dropped ratings. I know the story of Supergirl is not as exciting as Superman’s and sometimes it can be cheesy, but at least, it has a lot of funny moments unlike “Arrow”. But Arrow still got a second chance and now the TV-Show is being renewed every time for a new season and for good reasons.
But then again, Arrow is being produced by CW, CBS’s joint venture with Warner Bros. and considering tonight’s crossover between Supergirl and Flash, another CW production, we could expect Supergirl to be moved to CW instead of being cancelled. The big question now is if Supergirl should receive that second chance or not?

However, CBS has renewed 11 TV-Shows for the 2016-2017 season, amongst them TV Shows like “Elementary”, “Criminal Minds” and “2 Broke Girls” were mentioned, but some didn’t get that chance for a renewal, like “Angel from Hell” for example. By considering Supergirl’s ratings, CBS might not renew the show, but a smart move would be to move it to CW. Cancelling the show seems like a harsh option as its story has potential and also it would go well alongside shows like The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The show would have to move its production to Vancouver, British Columbia and it might get a downsized budget, but it could still have a great second season.

As many TV-series don’t get the chance of being renewed for a second season based on dropped ratings, Supergirl might join the same fate. Personally, I would prefer to see it moved to CW and see more crossover episodes in the future, but if the show gets cancelled it is not a great loss. The crossover episode with The Flash might raise the show’s ratings, but with only two more episodes left in the season, it is doubtful that Supergirl can regain the popularity CBS needs to turn the series fate around. I think the shows best chance would be to be moved to CW and receive a renewed second season, but some people think that the show is just not working and we cannot rule out the fact that CBS might just cancel the show.


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  1. NONE of the Freshman shows were announced as renewals yet by CBS. Supergirl is performing as good or better than most of the Freshman shows (and senior shows) so your pessimism seems quite unfounded.
    Here is the 18-49 ratings for CBS:
    CSI: Cyber (O) 0.91
    Elementary (O) Renewed 1.02
    Hawaii Five-0 (F) (O) Renewed 1.14
    Blue Bloods (F) (O) Renewed 1.25
    Madam Secretary (O) Renewed 1.25
    Code Black (O) 1.26
    NCIS: Los Angeles (O) Renewed 1.33
    Limitless (O) 1.39
    Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (O) 1.55
    2 Broke Girls Renewed 1.63
    Mom Renewed 1.7
    Supergirl 1.72
    NCIS: New Orleans (O) Renewed 1.75
    Criminal Minds (O) 1.79
    Scorpion (O) Renewed 1.81
    Life in Pieces 2.02
    NCIS (O) Renewed 2.24
    The Big Bang Theory Renewed 3.89

    Clearly Code Black and Limitless are WAY more in danger of being canceled than Supergirl.

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