Sum 41 a fresh new start with a new single - "Fake My Own Death"

Sum 41 a fresh new start with a new single – “Fake My Own Death”

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It’s been a while since I’ve been as excited as I was when I saw that Sum 41 released their new song “Fake My Own Death”. It’s been approximately 4 years since we last heard from Sum 41 and it was about time to hear something new from them. Even though I loved their latest album “Screaming Bloody Murder” it didn’t have that Sum 41 one vibe that every one of us grew up with. But we can safely say that after I’ve listened to this new song multiple times, the new album won’t disappoint us. And yes, I know that it is just one song, but you can actually feel the Sum 41 punk-rock sound.

The new album “13 Voices”, the 6th album from Sum 41 will be released on 7 October 2016. Sum 41 announced that they are signing with Hopeless Records on 11 May 2016, a record label that works with other popular bands like Enter Shikari, All Time Low, New Found Glory, Neck Deep, Yellowcard (which will retire after their tour) and The Used. So we can expect a kickass record from Sum 41 in a few months considering their awesome single and the record label they are working with.

Nonetheless, their single’s “Fake My Own Death” official video sends a powerful message alongside the song. Sum 41 is definitely sick of today’s sex-selling music industry and the amount of stupidity that goes viral online and isn’t afraid to sing about it. That’s probably the reason why they are going back to their roots to produce a raw punk-rock sound that will move its listeners and maybe open their eyes towards today’s society. At least, their first single gives out that vibe and I think it is exactly what Sum 41 needs to produce after such a long break. If the whole new album will sound as good as “Fake My Own Death”, they are sure to gain popularity in the punk-rock scene once again.


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