Steampunk RPG Steam Hammer Pops up on Kickstarter, Promises Sandbox World, Victorian Setting

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One would think that steampunk RPGs should be common place by now considering how popular the subgenre is these days. And yet, that’s not exactly the case just yet. Things are about to change pretty soon, however, as an upcoming title known as Steam Hammer promises to offer everything we’ve ever wanted from a steampunk RPG, and then some. The game in question was greenlighted on Steam earlier this year and is currently seeking additional funds on Kickstarter where it aims to raise $50,000. According to its campaign page, Steam Hammer has already received the “Project We Love” badge on Kickstarter, which basically means that the people in charge of the crowdfunding platform are just as excited as we are for the upcoming game.

Steam Hammer is being developed by a crew of 26 people collectively known as SF team who are working to create a game “set in a dark and mysterious steampunk world.” In addition to the alternate Victorian setting and all the crazy contraptions that come with it, Steam Hammer will also feature an open-class system, a huge open-world, a fully fleshed out crafting system, vehicular combat, and more. At this stage of the development, the steampunk RPG still looks a bit wonky and unflattering in terms of visuals and animations, however, the art style, music, and overall concept definitely seem very promising. An ambitious project for sure. Check out some more of its features down below.

  • Classic Steampunk vs. Biopunk: Play as either a technocrat of the Victorian Empire with mighty steam-powered artifacts or as an Acribian rebel that has fused machinery with living flesh. Each has its own crafting tree, weapons, equipment, and architecture.
  • Conduct Daring Air Assaults: Use your steam jetpack to hijack enemy airships and assault impregnable forts protected by blazing turrets. Engage in PvP with up to 64 players using a non-target combat system that makes the players’ skills matter.
  • Extensive Crafting System: Go from cobbling together a makeshift machete to building your own airship fleet. Construct multilayered modular structures and build unique equipment including steam motorcycles, military airships, and even flying leviathans. Team up with your friends to build whole cities.
  • Steam Hammer and Leviathan: Create and customize steam-mechanical and biomechanics weapons, equipment, and vehicles to suit your style of play.
  • Terraform the Terrain: Your world – your rules. Modify the terrain to suit your needs. You will need to dig mines, tunnels, and ditches to harvest the priceless celebrium sap, develop your technology, and conquer your foes.

Steam Hammer is currently in Early Access on Steam and is scheduled to launch sometime next year. As for its Kickstarter page, the game is currently at over $23,000 as of this writing, with 162 backers and 21 more days to go. If you’re looking to chip in, know that SF team has a bunch of very interesting rewards for backers, including some pretty sweet goggles, steampunk flash drives, promo oil paintings, and even a full-size replica of the titular Steam Hammer. Not sure who can actually wield it, though, because that thing looks pretty heavy.

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