Sony might be making iPhone SE competitors

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Sony is focused on its flagship industry when it comes to smartphones and has dialed down the number of smartphones it launches, since the company hasn’t been doing so well on the smartphone market. New leaked benchmarks suggest that the company might be taking on something new, though. Leaked benchmarks of small devices suggest that Sony might be going after Apple’s iPhone SE by making devices that are similar to it, at least when it comes to size and design.

The Japanese company has been focused on making premium devices, and the leaked benchmarks suggest they might be making two devices that will be similar to the iPhone SE, with 4.6-inch displays. Granted, the iPhone SE is even smaller than with a 4-inch display, but it seems as though people do in fact want smaller premium handsets to be widely available and Sony might be wanting to tap into that demand. There are very few small-screen Android smartphones out there, so Sony might find a great spot in there.

According to benchmark results posted on GFXBench and collected by Xperia Blog, Sony is building two new smartphones, code-named F3216 and F3311, both sporting 4.6-inch displays. What’s weird about the listings is that both seem to be running on mid-range chipsets, namely the Helio P10 CPU backed by an ARM Mali-T860 GPU in the F3216 model and a Mediatek MT6735 SoC on the F3311 model. While the one with the Helio chipset features an FHD resolution, the other one comes with 720p resolution. The higher-end model of the two comes with 2 GB RAM, while the other just 1.5 GB RAM. The Sony F3216 comes with a 21 MP camera and another 16 MP camera up front while the other one comes with a 16 MP main camera and a 5 MP front-facing shooter.

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As you can see, the benchmarks showcase handsets that are more mid-range than anything else, yet feature high-end cameras, so it might be that Sony is not only making a handset that would compete against the iPhone SE when it comes to people who want smaller phones, but also targets another niche of customers who are fond of high-end cameras. Right now, there’s no guarantee that these handsets will even be launched and we don’t even know what they’re going to be called, although they could be part of the Xperia Z series in the end. Take this with a grain of salt, at least until we make sense of all this and Sony confirms or denies the upcoming handsets.


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  1. There ain’t no competitor till it’s 4 inches. That’s what we SE owners wanted, and got.

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