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Sleepy Hollow renewed, Limitless and others still questionable

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As television channels started to review their 2016-2017 TV-Series line-up, we are already starting to get news about which TV-Shows are being renewed and which are going to be cancelled. Unfortunately, the list is very long and between the TV-Shows prepared for new seasons, there are still some that don’t have their fate decided just yet. From the line-up, there are still some TV-Shows that were highly popular yet their renewal is still being questioned. Between those shows, I was surprised to see that the renewal of Limitless was not announced yet considering that the TV-Series, without doubt, surpassed the movie. Although most of the shows have their fates decided there are still TV-Series like Damien, The Librarians and others that are currently airing their latest seasons that we don’t know just yet if they will be renewed or cancelled.

I was actually happy to see that Sleepy Hollow got renewed as the show had an intriguing season finale but there are some people that were not happy about it. Some of the show’s fans were not happy about the death of Abbie played by Nicole Beharie and that seems to be the main reason why they did not wish the show to keep on being renewed. Personally, I enjoy the unexpected deaths of main characters just like they’ve killed Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist and made the show even more epic, I expect the death of Abbie to change Sleepy Hollows story completely.

As I’ve written before about Supergirl, I was pleased to see that the TV-Series wasn’t cancelled but renewed and moved from CBS to CW which in my opinion is the right choice as the show deserves a second chance. Unfortunately, for comedy fans TV-Shows like Galavant(which was pretty funny), The Grinder or Undateable were cancelled. Also, shows like CSI: Cyber and Castle are on the list of TV-Series that were cancelled. Overall, most of the popular TV-Series got renewed and we can still hope that the shows that are still in question will be most likely renewed.


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