Shift Happens is the Co-op Puzzle Game You and Your Friend Have Been Waiting For

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Anyone who has ever played Portal 2 in co-op knows all too well that puzzle games are way more fun when you experience them with a friend. Sadly, titles like that are few and far between, though maybe not for much longer. As it happens, a very promising looking co-op puzzle game by the name of Shift Happens is set to launch later this month and may very well end up being exactly what you and your buddy were looking for these past few years. While the game does seem to be at least partially inspired by the Portal series, Shift Happens has plenty of things going on that allows it to stand out from other puzzle-platformers, including a unique aesthetic and a couple of quirky but lovable protagonists known as Bismo and Plom.

The brainchild of German developer Klonk Games and published in collaboration with Deck13Shift Happens will offer more than 40 different levels along with additional special objectives and secret areas for completionists. The puzzle game was designed with local co-op in mind, but will also feature online co-op, as well as a single-player mode with 30 unique levels. The main gameplay mechanic allows both protagonists to change their size pretty much at will, however, when one of them grows, the other one gets smaller, and vice-versa.

Under normal circumstances, this means that players will need to rely heavily on each other and work as a team in order to solve the myriad of puzzles and complete all the levels. But while that’s certain how the game should be played, any Portal 2 fan can tell you that there’s just as much enjoyment in getting your partner killed as it is in actual teamwork. Judging by what we’ve seen so far on the official website, Shift Happens definitely offers a lot of opportunities for the two players to cooperate as well mess around with each other throughout the game. But at the end of the day, that’s what makes titles like this so fun to begin with.

Shift Happens was initially meant to come out last year before being pushed back to early 2017. The game is now scheduled to launch on February 22nd and will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is currently in Early Access and the developers are also offering a free demo on Steam so go check it out if this seems like your cup of tea.

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