San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Here are all the best movie trailers showcased at the event

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San Diego Comic-Con 2016 came and went but chin up because even though the event is over we have a lot of cool stuff to talk about. In fact, there were so many important announcements made at the convention that it would have been hard to talk about each of them individually, so we made a list instead. While there were a couple of interesting video game announcements, we’re only going to be talking about movie trailers here since those were more plentiful. In no particular order, down below you can find all the best movie trailers showcased at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 with a few details thrown in for good measure.

Wonder Woman

Unlike Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie seems to be pretty colorful and funny at times while still featuring plenty of incredible action scenes. It’s a bit uncharacteristic of DC to make a movie that’s not dark and gritty, but I guess all that fan feedback finally got to them and they decided to change the tone a bit. If the actual movie is anything like this amazing trailer I think we can safely say that Wonder Woman will blow away DC’s previous efforts while setting the stage for the Justice League movie.

Justice League

Speaking of, the long-awaited Justice League trailer was also revealed at San Diego Comic-Con and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was actually a bit surprising to see that DC is making yet another movie with a lighter tone, though in a way maybe we should have expected this following the backlash received by Batman v Superman. Strangely enough, the trailer doesn’t feature Superman at all, however, we did get our first good look at Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Ezra Miller’s Flash. And, of course, we finally got to see Aquaman in action and I have to say, he does seem pretty badass. Maybe now the internet will stop mocking the character? No?

Suicide Squad

It’s a bit unfortunate that we have to wait until 2017 for Justice League and Wonder Woman but at least we’ll soon get to see Suicide Squad, a movie that might end up being a game changer when it comes to comic book adaptations. It really helps that the latest trailer for Suicide Squad is so damn good and on point, as it manages to set up the basic plot and all the major characters without giving too much away. As far as movie trailers go, this one is arguably one of the best showcased at SDCC 2016 and that’s saying something considering the high number of great trailers featured this year.

Doctor Strange

Marvel had plenty to show at SDCC 2016 when it comes to TV shows, but in terms of movies, not so much. We did, however, get a new trailer for Doctor Strange and it’s nothing short of spectacular. You’ve got mindblowing reality warping à la Inception, epic music, plenty of trippy action scenes and Cumberbatch doing a fancy cape flip like a total badass. What more could you ask for?

Kong: Skull Island

I know not everybody appreciated 2014’s Godzilla, however, the film was apparently successful enough to convince Hollywood that the world is ready for giant monster movies again. Kong: Skull Island is exactly that and looks quite a bit better than Godzilla judging by the initial trailer. While the trailer does borrow from the Cloverfield school of building up suspense by not actually showing much of the monster, we do at least get a few short glimpses of the titular ape, as if the producers wanted to reassure us that this is, in fact, a King Kong movie. Great actors, great atmosphere, great trailer.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

J.K. Rowling is making a serious comeback with Fantastic Beasts, a movie that looks even more entertaining than the Harry Potter series. Yeah, I said it. It’s not that the Harry Potter movies weren’t great – quite the opposite – but Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them seems to focus less on children fighting noseless villains and more on what’s really important: cool spells and even cooler magical creatures. Plus, the movie is set in 1920’s New York, which is both an unusual and very interesting setting for a fantasy movie. We’re definitely looking forward to this one.

King Arthur: Legend of The Sword

There’s no shortage of movies based on the legendary King Arthur and most of them go out of their way to try and convince us that the man was an actual historical figure. Whether that’s true or not I can’t say, but what I will say is that this movie looks very promising. For one, Warner Bros. decided to go full fantasy with their take on the popular figure and I think that was a very wise decision indeed. The basic plot involving Arthur and the fabled sword Excalibur is all there but this time around we’re looking at plenty of magic, clashing armies, and a plethora of well-known actors like Jude Law, Eric Bana, Aidan Gillen and more.

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

It’s been too long since the last Final Fantasy movie but the wait is almost over at long last. The trailer for Kingsglaive shows us a land where technology and magic used to coexist peacefully but, of course, something went wrong and now a hero has to step up to the plate and save the world. But while the story is not particularly original, the animation quality is absolutely jaw-dropping and makes every scene look like a beautiful painting. Kingsglaive is a tie-in to the Final Fantasy XV game but it can also easily stand on its own as a great animated film by the looks of it. The movie has already hit theaters in Japan and is scheduled to launch worldwide next month.

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