Rocket League Championship Series Registration Open, eSports Changes Follow

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Rocket League’s longest season in history is finally coming to a close. What is the best way to celebrate the beginning of the end? The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)! Registration is now officially available for the open qualifier round of the season three RLCS tournament. Register here for the chance to compete to be the best in the world, or just to have the opportunity to play against your favorite Rocket League players when the tournament begins this March. If there is one thing we know about Psyonix, is that the end of a season marks an opportunity for exciting new changes for eSports, as well as the race for the chance at end of season loot!

On Feb. 8, Psyonix announced some impressive changes that will take hold later in 2017, which will cement Rocket League’s standing in the eSports world. The idea is to mold Rocket League eSports into something that everyone, not just professionals, can enjoy. The community funds generated from the purchasable keys and crates, available since the summer of 2016, will be used to benefit the entire community, as opposed to simply pumping more money into a professional prize pool.

Psyonix has pledged to invest more than $2.5 million into Rocket League Esports, with only $1 million being used to fluff prize pools. This frees up a lot of money to be used in ways to benefit the whole Rocket League community. First, it will mean more extravagant appearances at major gaming festivals, as well as providing the ability to host events at major gaming conventions, such as PAX. Next, there are plans to increase funding to community run tournaments, allow for the expansion of weekly tournaments in all regions, and add a tournament series for the Xbox One community. The third, and perhaps most unique addition, is the development and organization of a true collegiate Rocket League eSports program. These are just the beginning of Psyonix’s plans to cement Rocket League’s place as an eSports powerhouse. The end of the season not only signifies exciting eSports changes, but also the chance to earn some flashy rewards for ranked play.

In seasons pasts Psyonix has rewarded ranked performance with exclusive vanity items. Seasons one and two offered these prizes in the forms of a snazzy crown to brag to your friends, or a flashy boost trail to discourage your opponents. No surprise here, but in Rocket League fashion, Psyonix managed to top themselves again, adding brilliantly colored wheels, designed to warn those around you of just show how awesome you are. These wheels will be awarded based off of the top rank achieved throughout the entire season, so don’t worry if you’ve hit a string of bad luck. As always, Psyonix continues to impress and as the trend continues, we can expect a lot more thrilling news throughout 2017. See you on the field!


To stay ahead of the times, keep up with Rocket League updates and news at their official website. For more information on how Psyonix is planning to revolutionalize eSports check out the Rocket League eSports in 2017 article.

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