Resident Evil 7- A Masterclass in Terror

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The wait is over! Resident Evil 7 has finally been launched and surely there are some happy gamers out there. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a survival horror video game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It is actually the 11th entry in the Resident Evil series, however, it is the first one which can be played from a first person perspective.

Gaming, whether it is online or video, is definitely an interesting time pass. For instance, if you have not yet bought the new Resident Evil to play on your console, you can just use any device such as a tablet, mobile or laptop to have some fun times at Lucky Pants Bingo. At this online gaming destination, you will find some horror themed online slot games like Howling Fun, Scatter Brains and Wild Blood. You will see some zombies and scattered brains on the reels. But no need to fear as they can only bring you some great wins!

But if you want to play for fun while also seeing some strange and scary creatures, then you must try Resident Evil 7. At the start of this game, you will see yourself driving through a dirty road of Louisiana’s rainforest until you reach an abandoned mansion. Despite the sunny weather, as soon as you enter the Ghost mansion, only your flashlight will guide you through. Since you will be taking the role of Ethan, you will be on a mission to look for Mia. Get ready to have the fright of your life in the dark, haunted, aging house of horror. Your first encounter will be with filthy and rotten food in the kitchen. Thankfully there’s no Smell-o-Vision yet!

The game will submerge you into a labyrinth, getting deeper and deeper into the dark forces. Better have a strong heart, else the sound of creaking and buzzing can really be scary. You will not be alone in the mansion, and the gloomy footsteps and voices will remind you of this. If you see a door, you will never know what’s on the other side… and these will open only a few inches. Thus, no sneak peek, you just have to go inside or keep looking for another door. You better make sure to have a strong chair because jump-scares are guaranteed! You might even be imprisoned in the haunted house by a psychopathic family.

Despite your fears, your main aim is to collect the maximum clues possible and solve all sorts of visual puzzles. At certain points, you will even see some weapons, but you won’t be able to collect them instantly! You might be defenseless for quite a while. If you think you have a strong heart, take a chance and try the game in the Virtual Reality mode. Be ready to play this game, and you will also be confused about whether your character will survive or die.

The game is already out so check it out at your local gaming shop or online and let the fun begin!

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