Quantum Break on Steam – Is It Worth Buying?

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Almost half a year since it was initially released for Xbox One and Windows 10, Microsoft finally came to their senses and decided to bring Quantum Break to Steam yesterday. But is it worth buying? Well, there are a few things to take into consideration here but for the most part, it seems like the often hard to appease Steam community is actually pretty happy with the new version of the game. At the time of this writing, more than 150 users have already reviewed Quantum Break on Steam and the initial reactions have been very positive so far.

While Steam reviews aren’t always representative of a particular title’s overall quality, this is still a very important aspect to mention in the case of Quantum Break because the Windows 10 version was plagued by quite a few technical issues at launch, which made it nearly unplayable for some people. Luckily, the situation seems to have improved considerably in the meantime, though you may still run into some problems depending on your system. Quantum Break was designed with high-end PCs in mind, so you will need at least a GTX 970 GPU, i5 processor (or the AMD equivalent) and a fair amount of RAM to pull off 60 FPS at 1080p. The game can technically go higher than that, however, users are reporting frame rate drops when trying to run at 1440p or higher even with GTX 1070/1080 GPUs.

That said, it all depends on how picky a person is because, for the most part, the experience does seem pretty smooth for most people even if the game can’t take full advantage of the hardware at times. Also worth mentioning in terms of performance is that the Steam version of Quantum Break doesn’t support multiple GPUs and DirectX 12, which is a shame but also not very surprising considering the game was initially meant to be an Xbox One exclusive. All in all, Microsoft actually did a pretty good job with the port, at least the new and improved version, and releasing it on Steam was definitely a good call. Sure, there are still some issues here and there but if you’re interested in the game and don’t mind the occasional hiccup, the Steam version is as good as it gets for PC gamers.

As for the gameplay itself, it’s pretty safe to say that Quantum Break isn’t for everybody because while it may look like a traditional third-person shooter, it doesn’t really play like one. The actual shooting mechanics are pretty poor and some of the platforming feels unnecessary or downright annoying at times. You’ll likely not lose any sleep over that, though, because the game shines in many other departments and the storytelling, which combines in-game cutscenes and live-action TV show complete with fairly well-known actors, is truly unique. The best part about Quantum Break, however, is that it really manages to make you feel like a superhero that can bend time to his will and this leads to some very spectacular combat sequences. Sure, the shooting mechanics are not very good, but honestly, who needs to shoot when you can use time itself as your primary weapon?

Quantum Break is a very ambitious title that’s definitely worth playing because its unique method of storytelling may very well offer us a glimpse into the future of gaming. It’s not perfect by any means but it could be the start of something beautiful. In addition, the new Steam version will only set you back $40 and you can probably grab it for the price of $30(ish) if you don’t mind buying your games from third-party retailers and then adding them on Steam. Also, if you want to learn more about the game before buying, which is always a good idea, check out our Quantum Break review for Windows 10 and add to that the fact that the game runs considerably better now on Steam.

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  1. its funny that as the game is a third person shooter not a FPS… get your facts right

    1. Author

      Yes that is indeed right and what I was thinking but somehow I managed to write something else anyway. My bad. Thanks for the heads up, it’s all fixed now.

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