OrbusVR – The First Virtual Reality MMO, Fleeting Dream Turned Real

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Since the dawn of gaming, many gamers dreamed of becoming fully immersed into a fantasy realm, able to live a life unimaginable to the standard human form. Now, with breakthrough virtual reality technology, an unyielding development team, and the drive to forever change the way games are played, someone has done just that. Introducing OrbusVR, the world’s first virtual reality, massively multiplayer online RPG. OrbusVR is scheduled to release into beta testing during the first quarter of 2017 and is designed for use with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift+Touch virtual reality headsets.

OrbusVR, in many ways, is organized similarly to many other MMORPGs that came before it. The world is made up of three unique factions, which are comprised of players, who follow one of four battle disciplines (classes), and three resource disciplines (professions). Your character will travel the world, exploring new areas, doing quests, gathering trade resources, delving deep into treacherous dungeons, and working as a team with other players to defeat tenacious bosses for loot. At first glance, even the four classes seem to be somewhat status quo, however, in reality, each class offers a truly unique style of gameplay, each utilizing the VR technology in different and impressive ways.

The first and perhaps most straightforward class is that of the bow-wielding Ranger. Playing a Ranger in virtual reality now takes both hands, one holding the bow while the other draws back the arrow, in order to first aim, then shoot. The Ranger’s skills include different specialty arrows which inflict a variety of effects, one of which allows the Ranger to fire multiple arrows with a single shot.

Introducing the second class in line, somewhat similar to the Ranger, in the form of the gun-toting Musketeer. Playing as the Musketeer, one hand will point and shoot your firearm, all while the other hand collects musket ball shaped orbs floating in a circle around your gun, and loads them into your weapon to imbue your shots. Each different orb enhances your musket in a different way, with effects ranging from increased damage to healing allies.

Designed for those looking to get up close and personal, the third class is the Warrior. The Warrior, wielding a sword and shield, uses the VR technology in a unique way to calculate damage, in order to avoid massive amounts of damage caused by quickly flicking the wrist. Damage is calculated using a mixture of the distance the weapon has traveled before impact, coupled with the force of the swing. This forces players to take more realistic full swings in order to inflict the most damage possible, but don’t forget to block, frantically swinging is only half of the job!

The last, and possibly most inventive class, is the Runemage. The Runemage, much like any caster, is designed to sit back and cast damaging spells, along with buffing allies from a distance. However, in order to cast a spell, the player must memorize the rune associated with each spell and use their wand to correctly draw that rune in order for the spell to be successfully cast. The drawn shape must almost perfectly match the shape of the rune, or else either nothing, or something unpredictable can happen, so practice and a steady hand are both vital to becoming a valuable Runemage.

As of now, OrbusVR only has information regarding three resource disciplines, namely Alchemy, Fishing, and Artificing. Not a lot of detailed information is currently available on these disciplines, only that the player will have felt as though they actually physically crafted their recipes. That said, if the OrbusVR team continues to impress with innovative use of VR technology, there is a reason to be very excited about crafting!

Since the game is still in the pre-beta developmental stages, we can expect that much more creative innovation is in the pipeline. In the meantime, keep an eye out for opportunities to take part in history as a beta tester during the first quarter of this year. OrbusVR has taken on the task of bringing the MMO world to a place it has only, until now, dreamed of going. From what we have seen so far, it looks like OrbusVR can turn that dream into reality.

Check out more information at the official OrbusVR website, or assist in overcoming the many hurdles associated with creating a cunning edge MMO at the development community suggestion page.

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  1. Thanks for writing about the game, Jonathan. Looking forward to seeing what we’re able to accomplish in the future! – RD (OrbusVR Dev)

    1. Author

      Thank you for reading! You guys are doing very exciting work. Every time I check there is more and more news, generally involving innovative concepts. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future! I have high hopes for OrbusVR.

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