Nintendo Switch Streaming Services Coming Soon

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The Nintendo Switch has had raving reviews and the biggest launch in the company’s history in America. With that being said, the lack of streaming services is noticeable, and other consoles do provide Netflix, Hulu and more for their users. In response to this, Nintendo America’s Chief Operating Officer, Fils-Aime, spoke to The Washington Post and stated that “We’re talking to a range of companies about other services” pinpointing Netflix, Hulu and Amazon as primary targets. He did not explicitly say when it would be coming to the Switch, but it is feasible to say that it would be within this calendar year.

On another note, he went on to defend the lack of major launch titles for the Nintendo Switch saying that possible buyers should look at the titles that have been announced and base their decision on this. Clearly, the lack of launch titles has not hampered the sales of the Switch and the fact that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is being critically acclaimed only aids the Switch in its sales. A few other titles did pretty well too, though not nearly as well as Breath of the Wild, such as 1-2 Switch and Super Bomberman R, among others.

The Nintendo Switch seems to have a promising future and with their implementation of these major services and other features, along with big titles, it can only get better.

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