NieR: Automata Steam Keys On Sale Before Launch

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Last week’s big PS4 release, NieR: Automata, is not about to remain a PS4 exclusive for long. Indeed, this Friday it’s going live on Steam. Rather than pay full price, PC gamers can snag an 18% discount for a Steam Key through the PC gaming retailer GMG. This is the cheapest NieR Automata on the market from an authorized retailer.

NieR Automata PC Deal

In order to get the full savings at GMG you’ll need to be a VIP member. Just clicking to their site will display a $54.99 price, but logging in or creating a new account gets you the VIP price. Since you need to make an account at basically all other online retailers, there’s little reason not to sign up and get savings.

Day One Edition

The PC copy being sold is the “Day One Edition” of NieR: Automata and includes additional bonus content such as various pod skins, a special “Grimoire Weiss” Pod along with Machine Mask Accessory.

Preload for NieR Automata?

Since the PS4 version of NieR: Automata got a pre-load, speculation is abound that the PC version will as well. At the time of writing, preload is not live yet for anyone. GMG is authorized, so you are likely to get your key as soon as preload becomes available. That said, there is still time before the game goes live, so Square Enix could begin preload at any time from Tuesday through Friday.

System Requirements

NieR: Automata will be somewhat demanding on your PC. You’ll need at least 50GB of free space (not that the download will be that size, but after installation that will be the size). At 1080p recommended graphics are a GTX 980 or Radeon R9 380X card, and for 720p you’ll need a GTX 770 or Radeon R9 270x. Fairly high end we’d say.

You can find more details on system requirements and the PC version here.

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