New PS4 ‘Revolution Pro’ Controller Announced by Sony, Now Available to Pre-Order

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Tired of PC gamers constantly bragging about their mad skillz in competitive eSports? Well, it seems like Sony wants to do something about that and even the odds a bit for PS4 owners with its brand new controller. Seemingly a Europe-exclusive product, for now at least, the Revolution Pro controller was apparently designed with eSports in mind. In terms of design, the new PS4 and PS4 Pro controller is a bit bulkier than its counterparts and actually looks quite a bit like an Xbox controller, as strange as that may sound. According to Sony, however, this a “technologically advanced controller” that will help improve your performance in every style of competitive play. As for its specs, you can find some detailed information regarding the Revolution Pro down below.

• Dual analogue sticks with 46 degree amplitude
• Dual analogue triggers
• Dual Shoulder buttons
• 8-way directional pad buttons
• PS / SHARE / OPTIONS buttons
• Touch pad
• 3.5mm headset jack
• 4 x shortcuts / macro buttons
• 3m cable with secure connection, detachable for easy storage
• Internal weight compartment for tailored balance and feel
(2x 10g, 2x 14g, 2x17g)
• Storage pouch

The Revolution Pro controller is now available to pre-order from GAME and other online retailers for the price of £89.99 or your regional equivalent. PS4 gamers looking to pre-order the new controller can expect it to start shipping on December 23rd.

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