New PS4 Bundle to Include No Man’s Sky, for Some Inexplicable Reason

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Winter is coming and that usually means big holiday sales for Sony. This year, the company is apparently planning to foil any would-be competitors by staying ahead of the curve and launching a number of hard-hitting PS4 bundles in November. Make no mistake, though, because the Christmas bundles are undoubtedly coming too. As for the first batch, Sony will be trying to attract fresh customers from the EU with a shiny new 1TB PS4 coupled with Uncharted 4 and two other titles. Not a bad deal, however, one of the bundles happens to include the dreaded No Man’s Sky, a game that we’ve collectively come to refer as the biggest disappointment of 2016.

There will be a total of three PS4 bundles on offer next month, the first of which includes Driveclub and The Last of Us in addition to Uncharted 4 and the console itself. The second bundle comes with Driveclub and Uncharted 4 yet again along with a copy of Ratchet & Clank, the 2016 version. Last and quite possibly least, the third PS4 bundle features Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, and No Man’s Sky. Interestingly enough, Sony is also trying to sweeten the deal with a pair of in-ear headphones but only for this particular bundle. I’m not even sure if Sony was hoping to sneak in No Man’s Sky alongside two of the best PS4 exclusives around and hope we wouldn’t notice, or if they thought that some headphones might be enough of an incentive for gamers to look the other way while they are being sold what can only be described as a pile of bullshit pretending to be a real game.

If it wasn’t clear by now, the suits over at Sony are just shamelessly trying to get rid of their remaining copies of No Man’s Sky because it should be clear by now that they won’t be able to sell them otherwise. Also, for some reason Sony refers to all the titles in these bundles as PS4 exclusives. Unless I’m terribly mistaken, word got out earlier this month that No Man’s Sky, unsurprisingly, managed to become one of the lowest rated games on Steam of all time, and the reviews haven’t gotten any better since. Hardly a PS4 exclusive, though it’s understandable why Sony would want to pretend that the PC version doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, many of us do remember and we continue to look away in disgust every time we see that it’s still listed for $60 on Steam.

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