New Galaxy Note 7 leak reveals Iris scanner, dual edge panel

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Iris scanners are not exactly a new thing in this industry, which is why it’s a bit surprising to see that major manufacturers like Samsung are only now looking to equip the latest flagships with this technology. While still unconfirmed at this time, a new leak allegedly showcasing the front panel of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 suggests that the latest iteration of the popular phablet will indeed come equipped with extra security in the form of an Iris scanner. The leak comes straight from Android Authority who, in turn, got the images from a rather well known and reliable source that goes by the name of @onleaks. Naturally, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the front panel of the Galaxy Note 7, but it is highly possible based on the leakster’s good track record. As always, take every leak with a grain of salt and judge for yourself.


Above you can see a side-by-side comparison of the Galaxy S7 Edge’s front panel and what seems to be the Galaxy Note 7’s front panel. The two appear fairly similar at first glance but upon a closer inspection one can notice additional cutouts in the first image which seem to confirm that an Iris scanner could be placed in one of the extra spaces. The image also reveals that the Galaxy Note 7 will feature a dual-edge front panel and a screen that comes in at 5.8-inches. There’s not a whole lot we can deduce aside from that but at the very least it seems like the Galaxy Note 7 will be heavily inspired by the Galaxy S7 Edge and will end up sporting some extra features, which may or may not include an Iris scanner.

As for the upcoming phablet’s other specs, word on the street right now is that we should expect 6 gigs of RAM, an oddly small 12 MP primary camera (but with various improvements), and a battery pack of around 3,600-4,000 mAh. The very same rumors also suggest that we should hear more about the rest of the details in the near future as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is apparently scheduled to launch in early August.



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