MSI G72 GSync Gaming Laptop $600 Off for Labor Day

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It’s Labor Day, and like HDTVs, furniture, or kitchen appliances, it’s a great time to shop for laptops. What’s out there may surprise you as these minor holiday sales can often be the best time to buy. We’ve round up 20 of the top deals on the net below. What surprised us was that a monster gaming laptop offer is probably the best deal on our list.

In early 2016 MSI released their G72 G-Sync Gaming laptop lineup, which was priced at your typical $1,500 to $2,500. Expensive but nothing out of the ordinary. Fast forward a few months to the Summer 2016 and Intel launches their bombshell Intel 1000 series gaming cards with over the top marketing campaigns. Now everyone wants the new chip and so the early 2016 MSI G72 Gaming Laptop is finally dropping to almost the $1,000 mark.

The deal is brought to us by NewEgg, but oddly it’s not even on their own retail website. Nay, they are selling a beast MSI GT72 with a high end Core i7 6th gen processor, 16GB RAM, GTX 970M video card, and 512GB SSD for only $1,099.99 on their eBay account. An odd place to put a hot deal like this, but that’s the reality. On NewEgg’s own retail site the same machine is still $1,500 and is a far cry from the original $1,700 price tag (now almost $600 off on their eBay page). If you were in the market for a gaming laptop with a budget near $1,000 we’d highly recommend looking into this Labor Day.

Of course there are plenty of other offers out there to consider. Perhaps the hottest sale in the market is Lenovo’s Labor Day laptop sale. There you’ll find select Y700 gaming laptop on sale along with the lowest prices of the year for the high end made-for-business Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Yoga laptops. We’ve waded through thousands of laptop offers and listed the best 20 below.

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