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Mr. Robot season 2 premiere date announced

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A group of good hackers is all we need in a society like this, also #fsociety. Hackers who only want to do well or have some sense of doing something that matters are rare these days. Of course, there are people like Anonymous who are trying to open humanity’s eyes and show the reality behind everything that is being covered and kept in secret, but still they haven’t reached the pure idea TV-show Mr. Robot has, of simply destroying the “evil” corporations. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good hacker movie but a TV-Show, never. After the success that Mr. Robot had in the first season it was only a matter of time before they announced the new season and now we have an air date set for the hit TV-Series which will premiere on 13 July on USA.

The reason why Mr. Robot appealed to us so well, is because it follows an unprecedented turn of events seen through the eyes of a genius hacker who struggles with connecting with today’s society, which by all means is flawed. It is hard not to emphasize with Elliot Alderson played by Rami Malek, as he is at core a good person who makes a difference through his actions. Still, with a brilliant mind, there are always consequences and our main character seems to get his mind lost during his plan of taking down “Evil corp”. He compartmentalizes his purpose so well that he forgets his past completely and starts following orders from a mysterious anarchist called Mr. Robot, played by Christian Slater, which ultimately is a hallucination of his father.

The first season focused more on the emotional roller-coaster Elliot has to go through to accept his plan and see it happen. He also struggles with narcotics and being able to form connections with other people, while he is not capable of recognizing his own sister until the end of the season. The second season promises to be about how the crew will deal with the consequences of their actions as well as how our main character will deal with the fact that his fantasy world got broken and now he is facing the pain of reality. Season two of Mr. Robot will feature new guest stars like Craig Robinson, Michael Maize, Dorothi Fox and even Joey Bada$$ and will air on 13 July.


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