Lenovo Z1 getting custom Marvel rear panels, including a Civil War one

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The Lenovo Z1, formerly rumored as the Zuk Z1, is finally official in India, the company having announced the new smartphone in India this week. Today, Lenovo and FoneArena hosting another panel for the Lenovo Z1 detailing more about the handset and about the ZUK partnership as well. One of the interesting things that they announced today was that the Lenovo Z1 will be available with custom Marvel rear panels, including a couple featuring Civil War cameos.

The Lenovo Z1 is an interesting launch to say the least, the company confirming today that it would be available with both CyanogenOS as well as the custom Z1 OS Lenovo designed, based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. The official release date for the Lenovo Z1 is May 10 in India, but it’s unlikely for Lenovo to launch this handset on the international market. Sporting a fingerprint reader of its own, the Lenovo Z1 also adds the possibility of gesture input through the sensor itself, something few manufacturers have implemented in the past few years.

The Lenovo Z1 price is expected to be around $300 in India, with a 5.5-inch FHD display, Snapdragon 801 CPU, 3 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, 13 MP rear camera with OIS and LED flash, 8 MP front-facing camera, USB Type-C and a 4100 mAh battery. Judging by these specs and the price, the ZUK Z1 is similar in what it has to offer to the original OnePlus One flagship killer. Seeing as OnePlus is also prepping their launch of the OnePlus 3 for this Summer, Lenovo intends to compete against them as early as possible with the launch of the Z1.

Although the Lenovo Z1 is an interesting new launch, it’s a bummer it probably won’t be available outside of India and China. It seems as though the Marvel partnership which will allow users to customize their back panel with the heroes of their choice is only going to be available within India, but it definitely adds value to the Lenovo Z1. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our hands on some examples of the back panels for Civil War to check out how cool they can be.


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