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Led Zeppelin will face a copyright trial next month

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Once again, we are proven how greedy, people can be in the music industry. Yet another case is going to trial where allegedly, Led Zeppelin copied the opening part for one of the most beautiful songs in existence or maybe the best song ever written, Stairway to Heaven from the song “Taurus” created by Spirit. I still don’t get why people are claiming that the song was stolen and why this case has to go to trial, but according to U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner the lawyers representing one of Spirits member Randy Wolfe have brought enough evidence to support their case.

When you put the two songs together, yes, you can hear a similarity but let’s be serious, those notes that Spirit used are the same notes that every other rock band used back in the day and even today. The two songs are similar because of their baseline, but totally different when it comes to the song as a whole. I might not be a guitar expert but there are many people who have already discussed the matter and shown both similarities and differences between the songs. Everyone’s conclusion was that while both songs used a popular baseline that most of the bands used back then in their entirety the songs were, in fact, different. And personally I find Stairway to Heaven to have a more complex musical structure and it is no wonder the song became one of the best in the history of music.

The issue was risen back in 2014 when Stairway to Heaven was remastered and re-released and Michael Skidmore, Randy Wolfe’s attorney managed to overcome the statute of limitations hurdles and sue Led Zeppelin. Copyright cases are starting to become more common in the music industry and are very hard to judge because in art it is hard to be objective and you need hard solid proof that a piece of creation was stolen. It appears that Skidmore is very pleased with the ruling because it brings his client closer to getting credit for helping create one of the most beautiful and complex songs in rock music history.

The trial was scheduled for the 10th of May in Los Angeles and Led Zeppelin band members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page will be the defendants of the case. Hopefully, the trial won’t ruin the reputation of one of the greatest rock bands and I am more than curious to see the outcome of the trial.


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