The iGaming Revolution is Here to Stay

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Since the turn of this millennium, iGaming has proven itself to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the entire gaming industry. In fact, last year alone the global online gambling market reached a total value in excess of £36 billion – and that figure is expected to rise again by another £5 billion this year.

But what exactly is behind the massive growth of online bookmakers, casinos and other iGaming services that we’re seeing, and will it keep growing in years to come? It’s time to take a closer look.

The Range of Options Is Larger Than Ever

iGaming is one of the fastest growing sectors of gaming, but it’s also one of the most competitive. Operators are constantly looking for ways to diversify their services, and to stand out by any means necessary in a thriving marketplace. This means that gamers have plenty of options to choose from (more than ever, in fact) both in terms of how they play and how they pay.

Nearly every conceivable niche is covered. For example, if you’re looking for online Bitcoin blackjack then Vegas Casino offers an engaging experience that caters to these very specific gaming needs, with 21 different variants ranging from High Roller Classic to more exotic games such as Pirate 21. Here, players can deposit, play and withdraw using Bitcoins rather than traditional currencies – an innovation that we expect to see more and more of over the next 12 months.

The Impact of Mobile Technology

This is a big one. Since early 2014, mobile devices have actually become more widespread in use than their desktop counterparts. No surprise then that most major iGaming operators have already started to act on this fact, which is why we’re seeing more and more responsive mobile apps popping up in app stores and featured in TV and internet adverts every single month.

For the average iGamer, the ability to play your favorite game on your smartphone or mobile device is nothing short of a revolution, and is likely to be far more convenient than using a PC or laptop. Without the developments we’ve seen in mobile technology, iGaming simply wouldn’t be the force it is today.

The Omnipresence of Wi-Fi

Five years ago, you would probably expect around half of all shops, cafes and bars to have a fairly decent Wi-Fi connection that patrons could connect to. These days, that percentage is undoubtedly a lot closer to 100%. And it’s no longer just shops either; Wi-Fi hotspots are now available as standard on many forms of public transport and in various public spaces.

In fact, coupled with advanced 4G and upcoming 5G technology, people are pretty much connected to the internet all day, every day. If somebody wants to login to their favorite online bookmaker to make a quick bet, they can now do so within a matter of seconds wherever they are – such is the current average speed of Wi-Fi available.

So there you have it. All of these factors have enabled iGaming to become one of the fastest growing areas of the entire gaming industry. And this level of growth and investment is only getting stronger right now, so expect to see even more developments over the course of 2017 and beyond.

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