Humble Freedom Bundle Offers Dozens of Quality Games and Books for Just $30

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Humble Bundle is one of the most consistent websites for great deals and once again it releases an exceptional bundle for the minimum price of $30. Since this is Humble Bundle, the Freedom Bundle can be bought for any price above $30 and it is important to note that all the money raised goes to charity and purchasers can decide which charities it goes to exactly. The goal of $300,000 has already been met and the deal still lasts for 6 more days as of this writing.

The bundle includes $600 worth of video games that are all redeemable on Steam as well as DRM-Free books. Four games which stand out from the pack are The Witness, Stardew Valley, Subnautica and Overgrowth. Super Meat Boy and Stanley Parable are two older games which are known to be great as well. These games alone make the bundle worth at least $60 so to get much more games is really a steal of a deal.

On a side note, if you aren’t interested in this bundle but would like to support a charity, Humble Bundle Monthly is currently offering Total War: Warhammer along with six to eight other games for the cheap price of $12. Unfortunately, the other games are not released until the beginning of March, but if you are interested in the Warhammer Series, this is a must-buy.

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