Hellboy 3 Cancelled according to Director Guillermo del Toro

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Hellboy 3 is the highly anticipated third installment in the Hellboy franchise that follows a well-meaning demon who is known for his red skin, massive fist and large horns. Unfortunately, Guillermo del Toro, the director of Hellboy 3 just announced on Twitter that after having a talk with all parties involved, he can confirm that the movie will not be happening. It is unclear why the movie cannot happen, but it is probably due to funding or creativity issues.

Ron Perlman, the main actor for Hellboy, has taken to Twitter many times to show his anticipation for the movie and has now expressed his disappointment that the movie has been canceled. Shortly after del Toro’s tweet, Perlman comedically tweeted that he was looking for a job as a superhero and has a love for pizza, cats and the Marx Bros.

The reaction via Twitter has been general disappointment as the predecessors to Hellboy 3 were solid with the first gathering average scores of seventy percent (70%) and the second averaging about the same or better.

But, maybe fans can be hopeful that this is an April Fool’s prank done about two months early? Stay tuned to Geeksnack for the latest updates on this and more!

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