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Easter is almost here, or coming soon, depending on where you live in the world. Each year around this time companies from most industries like to tempt us with various discounts and deals that are usually hard to refuse, however, there are also some people that just like to hand out gifts. Bioware is part of the latter group this year. The folks over in Montreal have decided to give away a whole bunch of items for Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 and you can get yours right now. The offer will probably stand for a while longer, but it’s always better to move quickly when it comes to these things if you ask me.

The items in question do not include story DLC packs as far as I can tell but they do include some very nice promotional gear that will definitely come in handy should you decide to replay Dragon Age Origins or Dragon Age 2. And, if you’re thinking about playing them for the first time, that’s even better. Generally speaking, Dragon Age 2 is considered a bit sub-par by fans of the series, however, it’s still a pretty decent game at the end of the day and of course, Dragon Age Origins is one of the best RPGs ever, so it’s always worth taking for the spin.

I don’t want to go into specifics because the names of these free items might not mean much to you so let’s just say that we’re looking at 16 freebies for Dragon Age Origins, 24 for Dragon Age 2, and 3 for Dragon Age Awakening, Origin’s expansion pack. It’s worth noting that almost all of these items are available for all platforms with only a few exceptions which you can’t get for PS3 and Xbox 360. Just head over here to see the full list of items. In order to claim your free items all you need is a valid EA or Bioware Social Network account. If you don’t have one just visit this link to create an account and you’ll be good to go in no time.



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