Get Your Dose of Tasty Online Entertainment with These Online Pokies

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You know what the most versatile game is? No, it’s not a MOBA. Not even an MMO. FPS? Not even close. It’s not a tower defense, a side-scrolling platformer, and not even a “space invaders” style game, but pokies. Slot machines are built – and developed – in an insane variety of shapes and sizes. They are everywhere, from the biggest Las Vegas casinos to the gas station at the corner. But their diversity shows best if you play them online. Today I’ll show you just how versatile this century-old game is, by presenting you three delicious, food-inspired pokies you can play today at the Royal Vegas online casino.

The Big Chef


This is my personal favorite (I’m a qualified cook, by the way) among the hundreds of pokies at the Royal Vegas. The Big Chef is not just about food, but also about the people making it, and serving it to you when you dine out. The protagonist of the game is the Big Chef himself, reigning supreme over his kitchen kingdom. The other – also very important – people on the reels are the pâtissier (a pastry chef), the maître d’ (the head waiter), and the lowest ranking bugger, the dishwasher boy. Plus a series of delicious treats, from tomato soup to roast chicken and steak (all of which I can do myself, by the way – even roo steak, thanks for asking).

The Big Chef is a colorful, action-packed pokie you can try free – or for real – at the Royal Vegas Online Casino.

Win Sum Dim Sum


Although Asian food is not among my favorites – I am a home-grown, steak-eating, beer-drinking son of a… mom – I found insane pleasure playing this pokie inspired by Chinese food. It’s not because of the food, although the bite-sized goodies steam-cooked in a traditional bamboo steamer look delicious on the reels. But the game has such a colorful look and happy music that it makes me want to play it again and again.

A recent addition to the collection of Royal Vegas pokies, Win Sum Dim Sum is a spicy take on a traditional game.

Wasabi San


As I said above, I don’t really care for Asian food. But this game, with tons of sushi on its reels, has made me shed a tear. Well, not for sushi, of course. I only remembered the first time I tasted wasabi, the Japanese cousin of horseradish. And it nearly made me take my mouth and throw it away. The pain! The fire! The tears! I sure won’t taste wasabi again, but I will still return to play this colorful, funny pokie. Because, although I don’t like Asian food in general, I’ll make an exception if it’s only on the reels…

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