Gaming vs Gambling – Differences and Similarities

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The difference between gaming and gambling has long been disputed- some choose to look at the two as the same while others think they are entirely different. So what is the truth when it comes to gaming as opposed to gambling? Is there a difference between betting as a form of entertainment in comparison to putting money on certain sports or cards in the interest of making more money? We look into the definitions of both to see if there are any overlaps…

Entertainment comes in several different mediums. One medium is in the form of century old casino and gambling games, with another being betting. Humans have been fascinated by gambling since the beginning of time- we have all come across several examples in which people place a sum of money on a particular outcome and either win more than they put in or end up losing it all. Gambling is typically associated with the theory of probability, despite many claiming that there is an element of skill involved in certain games. The unknown odds associated with gambling is something that keeps people intrigued and this is unlikely to ever change. Betting is more or less synonymous with gambling and acts as an agreement between two parties where one side predicts one outcome and another picks a different outcome. In betting. players do have the upper hand in some respects as they are able to make their choice about the outcome based on influences and external forces.

When it comes to ‘gaming’, most people discuss pastimes that can be referred to as being hobbies. From video games that have revolutionized the term ‘gaming’ through technology to miniature war gaming, role playing games or board games, these forms of entertainment are somewhat more immersive and often involve taking up the role of a character, for example. Some people have started to involve blackjack and poker into the gaming subheading of entertainment and they may very well be considered to be ‘games’ in their own right. It appears that the distinction of where gaming ends and gambling begins is when there is the added component of money being pulled into question.

While gaming is referred to activities that act as ways to pass the time, gambling is universally regarded as the participation of games that involve chance as opposed to skill, tactics or technical know-how, which is why there is the grey area being created through games such as poker and blackjack in which certain tactics are required to improve your chances of winning. If you are interested in playing casino games, then be sure to compare the best online casinos. With the grey area between gaming and gambling unlikely to be transformed into black and white anytime soon, it is important to remember that regardless of what you choose to spend your time playing or participating in, that you enjoy what you do and stay safe while doing so!

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