Free Windows 10 upgrade offer will end soon

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If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, no one is blaming you because Microsoft’s latest Operating System still has glitches and problems but if you are considering it you should do it as soon as possible. Today, as Microsoft announced that Windows 10 already has been installed on 300 million active devices they’ve also reminded us that the free upgrade offer is available only until 29 July. The date coincides with Windows 10’s 1 year anniversary and after 29 July those who will want to upgrade to Windows 10 Home Edition will have to purchase the service at the price of $119.

Microsoft seems to be very pleased of how fast Windows 10 gained in popularity due to their free upgrade offer and also they are still constantly updating their service and rolling out new features, bug fixes and sometimes new bugs. Even so, many other programs and services are focusing on being compatible with Windows 10 and are getting more optimized to the latest versions of OS so for better experiences we might consider upgrading to Windows 10 before it’s too late. Not that Windows 10 won’t be available after 29 July but why pay for a service when you can get it for free. Unfortunately, for those of us who are going to buy new devices after July, we might have to consider buying it with pre-installed Windows 10, if not upgrading will cost extra money.

Although there have been many complains about Windows 10, overall, people seem to be pretty satisfied with it and also Microsoft’s statistics show that many of its users were fond of Windows 10 services like Windows Store Apps or Cortana. Even Microsoft encourages us to upgrade to the latest version of Windows until it is still a free service but in the end, the choice is yours and keep in mind that you still have 3 months to decide.


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