Five Emerging Tech Trends for All the Cool Kids out There

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You can always trust young people to adopt fashion trends before anyone else and be the first to try out the latest technology. From snowboarders taking their GoPros down extreme slopes to fashion bloggers raving about the latest smart jewelry, there’s a new gadget for just about anyone. So what are the cool kids wearing these days? How is technology molding how we approach fashion? Check out these five trends to learn more.

Advanced Fitness Trackers

Today’s fitness trackers should be able to record more than just steps and heart rate, because determining what one’s body needs for keeping fitness goals requires knowing more information than those items provide. A fitness tracker should also have GPS capabilities, a sleep monitoring system, and a battery life of at least five days. Furthermore, young people expect their devices to sync, so the data that’s collected on their wrists should be conveniently displayed on an iPhone app or be accessible online. PCMag compared the top 10 fitness trackers of 2016 with reviews for each, so you can decide what is best for your lifestyle and budget.

Stylish Smart Watches


When the smartwatch first debuted, early adopters were excited about any gadget that allowed them to check email, manage appointments, and make calls from their wrists. However, enough manufacturers and designers have collaborated to create amazing smart watches that are just as fashionable as they are functional, like the sleek Samsung Gear S2 from T-Mobile, which features G4 connectivity so that wearers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s reliable network even without their phone.

Many bloggers have specific sections dedicated to rating the most fashionable smartwatches, and designers like Michael Kors are rethinking wrist fashion. So check out some of the top styles before making your decision.

Curvy Smart Rings as Watch Alternatives

While bulky watches might be a fashion trend right now, not all ladies want a large smartwatch on their wrist. Many companies offer sleeker models, but other designers are creating alternatives for those who want to be fashionable with other smart accessories.

One field that has had mixed success is smart rings. Some options look exactly like jewels or simple bands that people might actually wear regardless of whether or not they’re “smart.” These devices can unlock doors, make calls, and buy items using digital payments like Apple Pay. However, there are some styles that look like wearable garage door openers, which give the rest of the ring world a bad name. The choices really depend on personal preference and budget.

Smart Shoes for Better Fitness Evaluation

Have you ever wondered why we evaluate the effectiveness of our workouts using devices worn on our wrists? Under Armour and other fitness brands have wondered the same thing, and some are starting to develop smart shoes that track our balance and performance in order to offer tips for improvement.

One example is the Kickstarter for Salted Venture, which has designed shoes to improve a golfer’s balance and weight shift. The data is sent via a Bluetooth transmitter so golfers can see exactly where they’re going wrong and how they can improve. Under Armour is developing a similar model for runners who need the perfect stride to run long distances without damaging the body or who need the perfect launch for sprint and hurdle events.

VR Headsets On the Go

Virtual Reality is the next frontier in digital gaming and technology. We’re already seeing theme parks and major brands creating rides and games that use VR, as more customers want to give this technology a try. One of the main barriers for those buying VR is the cost. It might not be worth setting up a whole system and investing hundreds to thousands of dollars just for recreational use. However, all of this is changing.

In October, Google announced plans to launch the Daydream View, a $79 VR headset that’s meant to be more comfortable for the user. More headset creators are adding smartphone capabilities, making it possible to use VR on the go instead of just at home. If more people start using VR in public, you can expect it to become more popular.

These are just a few wearable technologies that cool kids are trying out now. Some might take off, while others could fade into history. It all depends on how well the market can take advantage of, and in some ways, shape consumer preferences.

Guest post by Ashley Carter. You can find more of her great work over at Techie Report.

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