First Pokemon GO Major Update, Gold and Silver Are Coming To Life

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Only seven months ago, Niantic turned the world upside down with the release of the revolutionary mobile game, Pokemon GO. The game set the media ablaze with their uncontrollable success, but they are not done. On 15 February 2017, Niantic officially announced its first major Pokemon GO game update. This update adds many things to be excited about, ensuring you’ll be catchin’ em’ all for many months to come.

The most celebrated addition to Pokemon GO is the invasion of over 80 new Pokemon into the world around us. These Pokemon, including Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, were all originally uncovered in the Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver video games. Back in 1999, Pokemon Silver and Gold introduced more than just new Pokemon. They also brought about gender-specific variations of Pokemon which will also be implemented into Pokemon GO.

When a throng of new Pokemon joins the party, they bring a heap of new evolutions along with them. Remember that some of the original Pokemon will be able to evolve differently as well. Pay attention to new evolutionary items collected from spinning Poke Stops, and check how to use them. These new items will be very important when making evolutionary decisions, think hard and make the proper choice.

New evolutionary items aren’t the only treat being added to Poke Stops. The update will also include the addition of two new berry types, the Pinap Berry and the Nanab Berry. These new berries both have different valuable effects, which will make the trainer’s life much more comfortable. Feeding a Pokemon a Pinap Berry will double the amount of candy granted upon the successful capture of a Pokemon. Use these to resupply on specific candy you need for the Pokemon you want. Nanab Berries are very different. Feeding a Pokemon a Nanab Berry, will slow down its movements, making it easier to catch.

Keep your Nanab Berries close, because Pokemon are about to learn a few more tricks. Pokemon will soon discover new ways to duck and dodge your Pokeballs, in order to avoid capture. Don’t worry! Trainers are gaining access to item carousels during an encounter. This will streamline item selection, giving trainers the ability to quickly and accurately switch to, and use items. With a little practice and quick hands, you will be a Pokemon Master in no time!

Keep and eye out for more incoming updates and changes and the PokemonGO website. Get up, get out, and go catch em’ all!

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