Fallout 4 Far Harbor – A guide to all issues of Islander’s Almanac

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Yesterday we talked all about the new unique weapons added in Far Harbor so it’s only natural that we went on to look into some of the other useful items found across the mysterious island. This time around we went exploring in search of every issue pertaining to the new Fallout 4 magazine series entitled Islander’s Almanac. Much like the magazines found throughout the Commonwealth, each issue of Islander’s Almanac provides the player with a very useful permanent bonus. In addition, collecting all the magazines in Far Harbor also grants the Islander’s Almanac achievement/trophy so going out of your way to find them is a must if you happen to be a completionist.

Far Harbor Sightseer’s Guide


You can find the first issue of Islander’s Almanac near the beginning of the expansion as it is located right in the town of Far Harbor. Simply follow the story and wait until you are prompted to go talk to Old Longfellow inside The Last Plank and look for the magazine on the table where your new potential companion is sitting. While it doesn’t provide any actual bonuses, the Far Harbor Sightseer’s Guide marks multiple points of interest upon reading it, which is very useful given that without it you won’t know where all the important places are when you’re playing the DLC for the first time. It’s also worth noting that you won’t actually be able to fast travel to these places, but they will appear on your map and you can go visit them whenever you feel like it.

Children of Atom Exposé


Once you finish up your initial business in Far Harbor you will eventually move on to the next major quest hub, which goes by the name of Acadia. Once there, go downstairs and look for a guy named Dejen, a vendor whom you’ll instantly be able to recognize due to the fact that he is one of the few people in Acadia who is a bit of jerk when you first meet him. In any case, there is an issue of Islander’s Almanac on his counter and it goes by the name of Children of Atom Exposé. Much like many magazines in Fallout 4, this one provides a defense bonus and in this case it’s 10% less damage from radiation-based attacks. Although this bonus isn’t particularly great in the Commonwealth, Far Harbor is absolutely teaming with enemies that love to hit you with radiation so don’t underestimate its usefulness while you’re on the island.

Precision Hunting


This next issue will have you traveling all the way to the far south of the island where you will find a location named Brooke’s Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse and it’s surroundings are home to a large number of Trappers so make sure you are prepared for a tough fight where you will probably be greatly outnumbered unless you play some sort of stealth character. Once you eventually manage to dispatch all the enemies or simply run past them, head to the top of the lighthouse and look next to the cooking station for another issue of Islander’s Almanac called Precision Hunting. Upon reading it, you’ll receive a 5% bonus in V.A.T.S against animals that you are already in combat with, which means that it won’t be applied unless your enemy is actively trying to attack you. As far as Fallout 4 magazine bonuses go, this is certainly not one of the best but it has its uses as there are indeed a large number of hostile animals across the island of Far Harbor.

Recipe Roundup


Just as its name suggests, the Recipe Roundup issue of Islander’s Almanac provides, well… a roundup of recipes. Sludge recipes to be more precise. There are a total of four recipes that you will be able to create at a Chemistry Station and they allow you to use radiation to your advantage for once, although one of them does provide some much-needed Rad resistance. This is definitely one of the most useful and interesting magazines to collect in Fallout 4 if you ask me because there aren’t many of them that unlock the option to create new items. As for where to find this particular issue, just head over to the National Park Visitor’s Center northwest of Far Harbor and directly west of Longfellow’s cabin to find the magazine on the counter inside the main building.

Pincer Dodge


The last issue of Islander’s Almanac can be found just north of the aforementioned Brooke’s Head Lighthouse in a place called Northwood Ridge Quarry. In order to get this one you’ll pretty much have to clear the area of Trappers and Mirelurks, including a Mirelurk Queen, and then head to the small indoor area located to the right of the large shack. Once inside, clear the group of Trappers and head up to find the area’s steamer trunk, as well as an issue of Islander’s Almanac called Pincer Dodge on the table next to it. The magazine actually dropped behind the table for me during the fighting so just look around a bit if you can’t immediately find it and you’ll be bound to find it eventually. Pince Dodge gives you 5% resistance against Mirelurk melee attacks so it’s not incredibly useful but it’s still worth getting anyway if you’re after the Islander’s Almanac Far Harbor achievement.

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