EaseUS MobiSaver – How to Recover Lost Data on Your iOS Device

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Since we are living in a digital world, most of the time our information is stored online or on hard drives and smartphones. That is precisely why it is very frustrating when your data gets lost due to unknown reasons. Losing precious data like pictures, text messages or other important files is likely to give anyone a headache when it happens. Coincidentally, I have been through that exact same painful situation. As an iPhone user that recently lost a lot of data, I naturally went online to look for some solutions. It took a while but I finally came across one that might be able to help you out, too, in the form of EaseUS. First off, make sure you check the following infographic and then continue to read further down below for some addition information regarding the EaseUS data recovery software.



What causes your iPhone data to get lost?

There could be many reasons for losing your iPhone data. Some of them are as follow:

  • 35% of data is lost due to accidental deletion.
  • 20% of the data is lost due to water or physical damage.
  • There is a very minute chance of virus attacks on iPhones that account for 5% of lost data.
  • 10% of data is lost due to factory resets before having a proper backup.
  • 15% can be caused by failed iOS updates or jailbreaking.
  • Another 15% of the data is likely to be deleted if your iPhone gets lost or stolen.

What file types are most likely to get lost?

  • 17% are your regular text messages.
  • 10% are the iMessages.
  • 20% are your photos/videos, a situation that is very heart rendering.
  • 19% are your contacts, which you probably need back desperately.
  • 8% are your notes.
  • 10% is your call history.
  • 7% are your calendar events.
  • 9% are your WhatsApp messages and files.

How do smartphone users secure their Phones?

There are some steps that I would recommend for securing your phone in order to avoid this type of situation.

  • We have 34% people among us who actually do absolutely nothing to secure their phones.
  • You can set a screen lock with a 4-digit PIN. People using this technique account for 36% of total users.
  • You can have a backup of your data on iCloud or on your computer, a technique used by around 29% of users.
  • About 14% of users also install various antivirus apps.
  • Another 8% install apps that can wipe out corrupt data.
  • You can use a password or a pattern other than a 4-digit PIN, as it is more secure and about 11% people do this.
  • There are a few other features you can use to secure your phone other than Screen Lock, such as encryption. Around 7% of users follow this technique.

If you already tried most of these methods and still managed to lose some data, don’t worry because there’s still some hope left. As mentioned, there are pieces of software out there that can help you recover lost data, one of which goes by the name of EaseUS MobiSaver. Here is a brief rundown of the software.


EaseUS MobiSaver is a very easy to manage and completely free iPhone data recovery tool. It can retrieve all your lost data i.e. contacts, photos videos, etc. from any of your iOS devices. Basically, if you don’t want to pay for expensive data recovery software and you’re just looking for an easy way to recover some data, then this might just be your best bet. Just as its name suggests, EaseUS is an easy to use app that comes with the added benefits of being safe and reliable to boot.

Recovery Modes

The software includes three recovery modes, which are as follows:

  • Data recovery from an iOS device.
  • Data recovery from an iTunes backup.
  • Data recovery from an iCloud backup.

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