E3 2017: Quake Champions Adds Wolfenstein Protagonist to its Lineup

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We all love crossovers, especially when they’re done right. Bethesda seems to think the same because the company just announced at E3 that BJ Blazkowicz will be available as a playable character in Quake Champions. Just in case that name doesn’t right a bell, BJ Blazkowicz is the protagonist of Wolfenstein, which coincidentally, is getting a new installment later this year. As for his appearance in Quake Champions, it seems to make perfect sense given that Blazkowicz has been shooting stuff for well over two decades now. Needless to say, the man has some experience when it comes to all sorts of guns.

Fortunately for BJ Blazkowicz and unfortunately for all the other characters in Quake Champions, the Wolfenstein protagonist brings all his gun-wielding experience to the arena. This translates to Blazkowicz having a pretty powerful and unique active ability which allows him to dual-wield any weapon. Yes, ANY weapon. Rocket Launchers, Railguns, you name it. Even the newly announced Tribolt gun. Bethesda didn’t say too much Blazkowicz’s passive, but there will be a Champion trailer for the Wolfenstein protagonist on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, it’s worth mentioning that Bethesda also announced three new maps for Quake Champions at E3. Out of the three maps – Lockbox, Blood Run, and Corrupted Keep – two are Duel-specific according to the company. Maps aside, Quake Champions players can also look forward to a number of new features that were just introduced alongside today’s major update. These include Twitch integration, Gameblock Anti-Cheat, Spectator Mode, custom games, and much more. If you want to take a look at all the new features now available in Quake Champions make sure to check out Bethesda’s official website.

The Quake Champions Beta servers will be open indefinitely from now on so this is the perfect time to grab the game and start playing. See you in the Arena!

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