DVDFab10 – An Intuitive and Easy to Use Blu-ray Ripper

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The vast majority of movie zealots store lots of DVDs and BDs, and for those who pursue high definition, maybe BD is the apple of their eyes. Generally speaking, we play Blu-ray disks with the help of a Blu-ray player or smart TV. But if you are not at home, or if you don’t have a Blu-ray player at hand, and you still want to enjoy the content of your BDs on your iPhone, iPad, or other smart mobile devices which support the playback of Blu-ray, then you’ll probably need a Blu-ray ripper.

How do you get the ideal Blu-ray ripper that offers ease of use and features that specifically suit you? I think most people will likely search on Google and its pretty much certain that whenever you search, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper has a good rank in the recommended list. It’s not only one of the best Blu-ray rippers of 2015, one of the best Blu-ray rippers of 2016, but also a top-notch Blu-ray ripper all the time and the best choice to accommodate both advanced users and newbies.

After over 13 years of development and iterations, DVDFab has just reached its 10th generation. The new DVDFab 10 was reinvented with a redesigned UI and more advanced functionalities to bring you a more intuitive and convenient user experience. There is no need for instructions to guide you on how to use the brand new DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, as all you need to do is just start DVDFab 10 and choose Ripper from the options bar. Everything you need, all the available features can be easily found with the help of the fashionable and cool UI. Right from the get-go, you will get a very good idea about how to load the source Blu-ray. As you can see from the UI, you can insert the BD or navigate it through the “+Add” button, or just simply drag & drop the source into the main UI for loading if it’s an ISO file or a folder.

Click the profile switcher located at the top left corner of the interface and you can find any video and audio format you may need, such as MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, VOB, H.265, Passthrough formats, 4K formats, AC3, AAC, AudioCopy, WMA, and so on. You can also find any device as the output target, all the popular smartphones, tablets, game consoles, TV boxes and 3D devices are collected into the profile library.

The new DVDFab 10 aims to provide the simplest way to complete the task. If you don’t need further customization, then you can just click the Start button to begin the task. And if you are an advanced user who has specific requests for the output file, you can go and set all the video and audio parameters regarding the output video, and edit the output video in-depth, including trimming the parts you need, cropping the display area, adding any watermarks (either image watermark or text watermark), adding external subtitles, adjusting the output video effect, etc.

Likewise, you can go and start the task with just a simple mouse click to trigger the Start button. However, the notable difference between the previous DVDFab and the all new DVDFab 10 is its newly-added task manager. Now, you don’t need to wait for the current task to be finished in order to start new ones. New ripping tasks can be created even if there is a task in progress. The task manager of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper and all other DVDFab products can manage and arrange all the tasks one by one while showing the detailed task status in the processing window.

DVDFab has become famous for its processing speed and decryption ability over the past several years. In DVDFab 10, with the newly-developed advanced technologies including BluPath, PathPlayer and Cloud Decryption Service added in, you will enjoy blazing processing speed. According to the tests based on different Blu-ray sources, the ripping tasks can be finished in as little as three minutes, and within 10 minutes on average. One important thing that should be pointed out is that advanced formats like H.265 or 4K will surely require a longer time. Also, the final processing time will totally depend on the source size, your PC hardware performance and the writing speed of your drive.

All in all, DVDFab is probably the best choice and worth a try when searching for a Blu-ray ripper. Regardless of the task, DVDFab 10 aims to exceed all expectations.

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