Deus Ex vs Marvel – Postponing One Franchise to get the Other One off the Ground

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As I am sure the vast majority of you guys are aware, Square Enix and Marvel have announced that they are developing multiple games together, the first being based on The Avengers. If you didn’t know, then surprise! You do now. The game is currently been worked on by the Tomb Raider team Crystal Dynamics, in collaboration with Deus Ex developers Eidos Montreal.

Now, this is exciting news is it not? I mean, we can’t deny that Marvel is killing it on the big screen compared to its rivals DC, who again, we can’t deny are currently struggling on the big screen. Marvel hasn’t ventured into the gaming world of late. We have had Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Vs Capcom, however, nothing to the heights of the Batman Arkham series. So Marvel fans worldwide can wait in hope that finally we can get an immersive Avengers experience on par with the Arkham games.

Crystal Dynamics is the team responsible for the reboot of the Tomb Raider series, with the first game having been critically acclaimed and with many wondering how the sequel could top it. Move forward to Rise of the Tomb Raider where Crystal Dynamics delivered again and the title ended up winning multiple Game of the Year awards. However, here comes some bad news, the Deus Ex series is rumoured to have been put on the back burner. This is down to Eidos Montreal taking over the development for the likewise rumoured next Tomb Raider game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, followed by the development of a Guardians of the Galaxy game, while Crystal Dynamics begins production on The Avengers title.

Now, I am not going to lie and say I have played all the Deus Ex games, but I have loved the last two, Human Revolution and Mankind Divided. This could just be down to the fact of the main protagonist sharing my name. No, of course it’s not just that, I love the free reign you are given to complete missions and the many options you are given to achieve your goal. Do you want to be stealthy and sneak your way into a club by doing side quests that open more options to you or would you rather blow the door and go in all guns blazing? The games allow you to upgrade the character’s augments to suit your gameplay style. If you do pick the stealthy way you can choose to upgrade your cloak to sneak past guards, or if you are into the more shooter based play you can upgrade your armour so you can take more damage.

I also got deep into the lore and story of the world, which does have similar references to the world at large today. Which I won’t go into much detail about, however, the way the game highlights how the augmented people in the game are treated with distrust and scorn following the events of Human Revolution really does hit close to home. That said, I did find it weird that all buildings have air vents big enough for a full grown man to move through.

On another note, it does make business sense for Deus Ex to be shelved for a while with the sales of the two games not having been amazing. In fact, the sequel failed to match its predecessor. With The Avengers game rumored for release in 2018 followed by the Guardians of the Galaxy game, one can hope that the story threads remaining from Mankind Divided will either be finished off in a novel or a comic book because it could be beyond 2020 before we see another Deus Ex game.

However, you won’t find me complaining if the forthcoming Marvel games are anywhere near as good as what the two developing team have released prior.

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