Death Trash Preview: Dark, Raw, Intriguing

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When Bethesda Studios’ Fallout 4 came out, many were disappointed. The game looked more like action than RPG. It seemed that players would never get a chance of visiting a truly dark and distorted post-apocalyptic world again. Gone were the days when we could breathe in deeply poisoned air or travel through the parched fields trying to avoid pools of acid. It looked like post-apocalypse in the genre of post-apocalyptic games. However, things began to change.

First, we witnessed Wasteland 2 from inXile Entertainment – a spiritual successor to the original Fallout series. Made partly by the same people who brought us Fallout 1 and 2, the game had its own flaws but was much more similar to what new Fallout titles should look like. Then came the magnificent Age of Decadence from the Iron Tower Studio, which drew inspiration from RPG classics. The game’s setting was based on the death of the Roman empire and mixed both fantasy and sci-fi elements.

Today let us talk about an extremely promising game that not only intends to take all the best from the classics but also brings something new to the table. Death Trash may very well be our new RPG favorite.

The graphics look stunning. Even if you are no fan of pixel art, this one is worth a shot.

Deep and obscure.

Death Trash is a pixel art RPG with a deep emphasis on story and dialogue. The developers promise us a dynamic combat system with the use of psi abilities, non-linear gameplay reacting to player’s actions and a mysterious, dark world opened for exploration.

The game is being developed by Crafting Legends, a small studio from Germany. Stefan, lead designer of the game, is a very ambitious person. He quotes legendary Ultima 7 and Planescape: Torment as inspirations for his game, which is a very high bar for anybody. However, Death Trash looks promising and has all the chances to stand among the great classic RPG games.

World of Death Trash is not your usual post-apocalypse. Action will take place on the planet Taurus 5 after the Great Galactic War. Various factions clasp in a new stage of conflict over resources and faith, while a much more ancient and terrifying power is awakened. Bizarre creatures made of flesh pursue their mysterious goals and our character will surely cross their path at some point.

In addition to all of these features, Death Trash also features local co-op, complete freedom of action and juicy, bewitching pixel art and you will get a game that is definitely worth waiting for.

The game’s aesthetics are a brutal mix of post-apocalypse, cyberpunk and Lovecraftian grotesque.

However, it is too soon to make any assumptions. Death Trash is very early in development and the next goal for Crafting Legends would be a working prototype. It is hard to predict the release dates, as we have not seen the demo yet, but let’s hope that developers will succeed. If so, we would be able to enjoy a new masterpiece of the RPG genre.

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