Comic Books That Have Been Made Into Slot Machine Games

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Slots could be described as the casino games of an older generation, as a lot of younger players favor the complex card games. Despite this, over the past few years, slots games have been getting more interactive and both online casinos and slots developers have been seeking ways to broaden their appeal. With the release of many hit comic book movies during that period, creating slots based on them has been one such strategy and this piece will look at the best ones to have spawned spin-off slots.

Although few would consider Blade to be in the front rank of superheroes, he did get his own film series – which started back in 1998. The film was a hit, making $70 million in America alone, with its story of the titular half-man, half-vampire – played by Wesley Snipes – who has to defeat evil vampires to save the human race. The spin-off slot features five reels with Blade himself, a female vampire and weapons for killing vampires on them. Blade himself is also the wild reel icon, meaning he can fill in for any missing icons when you need a matching line for a win.

Another comic book film that was a major hit for Marvel was 2008’s Iron Man, featuring Robert Downey Jr as playboy billionaire Tony Stark who develops the Iron Man suit to make himself invulnerable after being captured by terrorists. The film tells the origin story of how he goes from selfish weapons creator to hero and the slot features many of its elements across its five reels – including both Stark and Iron Man. Curiously it omits Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, but includes Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow – even though it is actually Iron Man 2 that she appears in. Another great themed feature of this slot is the clips from the movie that serve as the intro, while the bonus game called Missile Attack features fine graphics depicting Iron Man – controlled by you – shooting down missiles in mid-air to win prizes. This is definitely one of the very best comic books slots.

Another comic book movie that tells the origin story of its heroes is the Fantastic Four, although this 2015 film was a rare box office flop. The plot sees the four young people who will become the Fantastic Four develop their powers after teleporting to another universe. They then have to master them and defeat Dr Doom. The slot features all of the Four on its five reels, including Invisible Woman, Human Torch and Mr Fantastic, with each of them also having the potential to trigger bonus rounds with free spins.

Finally, there is the X-Men slot based on the hit 2000 film of the same name that saw two sets of super-powered mutants, led by good guy Professor Charles Xavier and bad guy Magneto, doing battle and they can both be seen on the five reels of the slot. Wolverine, Beast, Storm etc are also present and there is a bonus feature called Heroes where you get free spins until you have captured Magneto.

If you’re interested in these types of games make sure to give some of the above a spin sometimes.

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