You Can Already Get Dishonored 2 on PC for 20% Off

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Hours before Dishonored 2 officially releases and the game is up to 20% off at four retailers. In addition to the discount you’ll be able to play as soon as your download/install is complete on PC (the game launched a day early). Buy before tomorrow’s official launch and you’ll still get the pre-order bonuses which includes a free copy of the original Dishonored: Definitive Edition. Some decent offers in the waning hours before official launch.

And the discount may been justified after all given all the performance issues the game is experiencing on the PC. There are now even recommendations from the official Bethesda site on things to avoid for those having performance issues (e.g., simply avoid alt-tab – a function that usually don’t impact modern video games as much anymore).

The top two retailers on the list are GMG and DLGamer. These two are confirmed to be sending keys out immediately after purchase and offer the highest percent off.

GamesPlanet is another retailer to take into account as they are 13% off in the UK, but could technically be cheaper if you buy in the US. GamesPlanet is targeted at UK audience, but you can buy through them world wide, and in US Dollars the conversion would come out to about $43.30 – or 28% off the $60 US price. A viable option if you don’t mind dealing with a currency conversion.

Early bird reviews on Dishonored 2 for PC are great game play, but funky frame rates (poorly optimized port). That’s going to put a damper on some, but if you haven’t played the original Dishonored, you can pre-order the game and get the Dishonored: Definitive Edition included as a bonus. Maybe start on that before venturing into the sequel (and give Bethesda a chance to further optimize the game beyond the current huge Day 1 patch).

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