Bye-bye BoomSound, hello HTC One M10

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The HTC One M10 has been officially leaked by none other than @evleaks aka Evan Blass. HTC has been mum on the matter of future releases, rightly so. Their last smartphone, the HTC One A9 was launched to mixed reviews, most praising the handset for what it has to offer but still condemning HTC for making a handset so close in appearance to Apple’s flagship smartphones. If you had hoped the company would not adopt the same design elements for their 2016 flagship, you might be disappointed. From the photo Evan leaked on Twitter today, we can clearly see that the HTC One M10 design is just as Apple-like as the One A9. However, that’s not the biggest problem I can see with it. BoomSound.

Unfortunately, the leaked One M10 photo shows that BoomSound speakers are not going to be part of the new handset, and that I think is a bummer, to say the least. One of the most praised traits of past One smartphones was BoomSound, for its loud, clear and full of bass audio quality. Fans of the company had criticized the One M9 but still appreciated the fact that BoomSound speakers were still offered. With the One M10, HTC seems to have dropped these speakers in favor of making the phone slimmer and with thinner bezels. They managed to do that not only by removing the speakers, but also getting rid of HTC logo and black bar from the bottom of the phone.


With this new design, the HTC One M10, 2016 flagship, looks rather similar to an iPhone. Chamfered edges, antennae lines and a round-ish home button, together with the front-camera and sleek metal design of the phone make it appealing in appearance, regardless of what it resembles or not. HTC doesn’t seem to be that bothered about the fact that people think they’re ripping off Apple (which they’re not, they’ve used similar designs years ago) since they launched the One A9, but maybe getting rid of those speakers was not the best choice. People commenting on message boards and forums about the One M9 pointed out that although HTC tried their best, there’s little appeal to the handset aside from speakers. The One M10 must have killer specs if the company thought they could remove them without losing a generous part of their fans.

Rumors aren’t that interesting when it comes to One M10 specs. As with most flagships coming out this year, the Snapdragon 820 will be on board with 4 gigs of RAM to back it up, up to 128 GB internal storage with a microSD card slot available (supports up to 2 TB storage, which is nice) and a 5.1-inch QuadHD display. A disconcerting rumor about a 12 MP UltraPixel camera on the rear of the device is the general consensus right now, but some are skeptical about that. The One M8’s UltraPixel camera didn’t do so well with fans, although it did get pretty mixed reviews in the end. UltraPixel is not really popular among Android fans, due to their bad experiences with the standard, but HTC seems to think they can pull it off. We’ll have to see.

The HTC One M10 release date isn’t set and the company has not yet confirmed when they would be introducing the new smartphone to the public. Rumors are that they will launch the handset after Mobile World Congress, but I think they’ll have it on show at the event. That would mean launching it earlier, putting it up for sale after the how. With so many new devices, from so many new and old companies expected to arrive this year. can the One M10 bring back HTC’s prowess in flagships?


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  1. I’m leaning towards dropping HTC as my preferred phone maker, especially if this device doesn’t stick with BoomSound on a Flagship device, but I’ll reserve final judgement until more specs are confirmed. The device looks to be a great choice versus everyone else’s models from last year, but not on the leading edge of the upcoming devices and technology that HTC needs to keep and win back fans.

  2. I’ve been using HTC for the past 9 years starting with the Touch. Currently have the M8, the M9 just wasn’t good enough to upgrade to. A9 for sure wasn’t good enough, smaller battery and the loss of boomsound was just terrible. Now the M10 is suffereing the same fate and I might just be done with HTC now.

  3. i agree, if they get rid of the boomsound, then i will be buying a different phone. good luck htc…

  4. @Keith I feel the exact same way. Been super loyal to HTC. TP1, TP2, evo 4G, evo 3D, evo LTE, M7, M8 & M9. 8 Generations of phones and I’m done if they dump boomsound. Samsung has upped the build quality over the years bringing it up to par. HTC kept me buying for years as they made better products, but now this iphone clone crap, releasing non-sense models (A9) they are just driving it into the ground. Very Sad

  5. Boomsound is definitely the feature that made me an HTC fan. Take that away then there’s nothing differentiating HTC from other brands.

  6. I been a HTC fan since the evo ,had the m7 ,wife has the m8 , but no boomsound speakers will probably be looking at Samsung .

  7. Done with HTC I’ve had the HTC Harman Kardon edition was the best phone I’ve ever had been thinking about upgrading but been waiting for the new one to come out and was hoping for the boom sound but since HTC wants to be like iPhone or like everybody else I think I’m gonna switch to Samsung

  8. I really hope HTC takes into consideration to keep Boomsound. That was what help differentiate their brand. If there is no Boomsound…I’m afraid I’ll be looking at LG or even Samsung. ?

  9. Look at Alcatel phones… a lot of them have stereo speakers. I have a 4.7 inch idol 3 and it is louder than the Desire Eye I had a while back.

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