Brief history of Supernatural season finale – What could happen next?

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After yesterday’s surprising episode of Supernatural, it is finally time to face the facts: Season 11 is getting close to its finale. And as Supernatural tradition requires we are expecting an out of the world cliffhanger. But what could they possibly do to impress us? Not even a glimpse of God’s appearance would be good enough as we have been expecting his appearance for a very long time. Some might believe that God won’t even be a character of Supernatural or if he finally appears it’s going to be the end of the series which we don’t want, obviously.

Still, with a few more episodes left and the awesome reappearance of Lucy, also known as Lucifer, played by Mark Pellegrino who will continue to be played by unexpectedly Misha Collins aka Castiel, we are considering an “epic battle” between the Fallen Angel and The Darkness, God’s sister if you did not pay attention. But that’s probably not the case as Jeremy Carver, a writer of the Supernatural story, said in an interview that Lucifer will be around for season 12. Unfortunately, we can’t really predict how season 11 will end as the previous seasons all had some of the most amazing season finales we’ve ever seen in a TV-Series.


Supernatural season 1 finale

Going down on memory lane I’m sure we can still remember the Devil’s Trap episode of Season 1 when the two main characters get into an unexpected car accident right before the season ends. The reason why it was such a sad ending was that after facing demons and being possessed while driving to the hospital, Sam and Dean presumably die. The accident wasn’t as bad as it looked as the two main characters survived to face other supernatural adventures in the next season.

The reason why season 2 finale surprised everyone is mostly because the Gates of Hell were opened and hundreds of demons started to roam free on earth, demons that Sam and Dean felt like are their responsibility. The Winchesters started a so-called curse in that season as Dean sells his soul to a crossroads demons to bring Sam back to life leading to a constant “trying to save each other” feeling throughout the next seasons.


Dean in Hell

Although throughout season 3 Sam tried to find a way to save Dean’s soul, he ultimately failed and the season finale was about a pretty harsh and cruel “death of Dean”. As Dean sold his soul to a crossroads demon at the designated time a hell hound came for him and dragged him to hell. The last image of the episode shows Dean being dragged into hell, tortured and scared which left a pretty huge mark on Supernatural fans.

Naturally Dean didn’t remain in hell for long as Castiel, who appeared for the first time in the TV-Series, saved his behind from the pit. If by then we didn’t have a very good impression about angels, Castiel is the one who changed our view for some of them. But the season finale was one of the best because, unknowingly, the Winchesters managed to free Lucifer from hell by killing Lilith who was the last seal keeping the king’s cage closed.


The one and only, Lucifer

Season 5 was one of the most amazing seasons of Supernatural because of Lucifer, who managed to possess Sam and torture his mind; and because the Winchesters found out they have another brother, Adam, who was possessed by none other than the Archangel Michael. Season 5 finale was not about brotherly love, it actually ended with one of the most memorable scenes of Supernatural. The action takes place in the Stull Cemetery where Lucifer/Sam is facing Michael/Adam while Dean makes a very epic entrance in his baby (Impala) and as the gate to the cage is opened by the 4 rings of the Horsemen, Sam takes control over Lucifer and willingly jumps into the cage and as Michael tries to stop him, he also falls in hell.

Although not as impressive as the previous season finales, the reason why season 6 is still memorable is the introduction of purgatory. Season 6 finale mostly focuses on Castiel making a bad decision by opening purgatory and absorbing Leviathan souls which make him think he is God. Literally, those are Castiel’s final words at the ending of the episode when he dismisses his friendship with Dean and commands him to bow before his new God.


The never ending curse of saving themselves

Ironically, another Supernatural season finale ends with Dean remaining alone and scared in another “world”. But this time instead of Hell he was transported to Purgatory, even making a VBF (Vampire Best Friend). The entire season 7 was kind of funny as the Leviathans although badass,  were kind of clueless to what’s happening in the world, but it still had a cliffhanger ending. After Dean and Cass managed to kill the Leviathan leader, Dick Roman, they were transported to purgatory but as Castiel is an angel he had to get away from Dean and that’s why Dean was left alone.

One of the best season finales was the final episode of season 8. Besides the ritual to make a demon-human again, which practically worked on Crowley, Castiel was being controlled by Metatron to fulfill an evil plan. The evil plan was one of the most epic scenes of Supernatural because by stealing Castiel’s grace, Metatron finished a spell that cast out all the angels from Heaven. The final scene of the episode shows angels falling like meteorites from the night sky.

Season 9 introduced us to another impressive character, the biblical Cain who sacrificed his brother Abel in the name of God and received a mark that made him more powerful than demons. The Winchesters needed the mark to kill a knight of hell and naturally Dean was the brother who resembled Cain and received the powerful Mark of Cain. Season 9 finale ends with a fight between the angel Metatron which leaves Dean dead and even though Sam is willing to sell his soul to Crowley to bring his brother back, Crowley doesn’t take the deal because he knows that Dean will be kept alive by the Mark of Cain and be transformed into a knight of hell.


The Darkness – Amara

Although Dean struggles a lot with the Mark of Cain by the end of season 10 he manages to control it but with Sam being obsessed with saving his brother, he makes a deal with Rowena, Crowley’s mom. Except for the actual ending of the season, the most interesting fact about season’s 10 finale episode is that Dean kills Death right before the spell is completed and the Mark of Cain is removed from his arm. Unfortunately, the Mark of Cain kept The Darkness locked away and with its removal The Darkness was released upon the world.

Now with the upcoming finale of season 11 when we already know that The Darkness is actually God’s Sister who has a vendetta against her brother and with Lucifer already released into the world because of another naive choice that Castiel made, how could the final episode leave us in another cliffhanger?


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  1. Two more episodes? It’s the middle of the season. There are typically 23 eps so there are what, 13 left?

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  2. I really feel either in Season 11 or at Season 12 we will have Michael out of the cage while one of the brothers will be cast into the Empty by the reaper Billie.

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