Black Mesa Xen Creators Aiming for a Summer 2017 Release

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The creators of Black Mesa have finally shared some new details regarding the upcoming Xen update. Taking advantage of all the Halloween cheer that’s been recently floating around, the developers announced on Steam that Xen is currently scheduled to launch sometime during Summer 2017. The team also explained why the release is taking so long and it all seems to be related to the fact that this will be a pretty beefy addition to the already impressive fan-made re-imagining of Half-Life. Much like Black Mesa itself, the Xen update is set to introduce a lot of new content while still trying to remain faithful to the original formula developed by Valve almost two decades ago, which is no small feat mind you.

“We can’t overemphasize how much work it was to get the game on Steam,” said Black Mesa’s Adam-Bomb. “Most of our effort before launching was put into porting to the retail engine and getting the game to work better than it did in the mod. Since release, the team has been focused on developing Xen. We even planned our updates to have features that would help improve the earthbound levels and Xen (for example CSM). We want to do Xen the justice it deserves, and have it be the definitive climax to the Half-Life 1 story. To do this we have completely redesigned and expanded the Xen levels to what we think Valve would have done without the limitations of the time.”

Black Mesa is currently in Early Access and part of Steam’s big Halloween Sale, which is scheduled to last for another day or so. Until then, however, you can grab the game at 60% off and have plenty of time to check out the existing content until Xen launches next year.

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