Black Friday iTunes Gift Gets You $100 for $85

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In a ‘just in time’ fashion, Apple’s popular iTunes gift codes are back on sale now that Black Friday is live across the country. As of this writing, it’s 2:50 AM Pacific, and believe it or not the online deals are quickly selling out.

If you’re interested in scoring some iTunes credit for your account, whether to top off your own credit or offer a nice early Xmas gift to that special someone, you can now take advantage of this $100 iTunes gift card for $85 deal on eBay Deals.

iTunes Black Friday 2016 Deal

Note that for this deal to be working for you, you must be residing in the US. You’ll also need to accept receiving your iTunes gift card via email (from the transaction). We suggest having PayPal Digital Gifts send the gift code to you, then you can forward it to however you wish.

Because of the nature of gift cards, you won’t receive any sales tax on the items above. While the eBay listing noted “limited quantity available” – we suspect they will continue to sell through Black Friday, and maybe even all the way up until Cyber Monday. For those keeping track, thus far as of writing only 240 units of these $100 iTunes gift code have been sold.

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