Black Box: House Legends

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Everyone instantly recognizes the house classic that is ‘Ride on Time’, which to this day never fails to get people dancing. Black Box would smash the club scene with the track in 1989, with the song written and produced by the Italian production team Groove Groove Melody, comprising of DJ Daniel Davoli, programmer Mirko Limoni and musician Valerio Semplici. The team worked with model Catherine Quinol (aka Katrin), who would go on to become the face of Black Box. The track is instantly recognisable and is one of the best and perhaps the most notable Italo-House tracks of its generation.

Paul Oakenfold has since played out the Ride on Time ‘09 Remix to much popular acclaim, “This has been my opening track while supporting Madonna on her “Celebration Tour”, and have played it to 1.5M people with great response!” Benny Benassi also spoke on the track, “At last a great remix of one of my favourite tracks of all times”

Black Box would go on to produce a string of House Classics which incorporated the talents of female vocalists Martha Wash, Loeletta Holloway and Heather Small. The fusion of their powerful vocals alongside banging italo-house beats would light up dancefloors in Europe and the United States. Today, Black Box are still producing club-tailored tracks which continue to enhance their status as dance music stars through Black Box booking agent MN2S. The group achieved number one status in both the USA and the UK, cementing their place in dance music history.

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