Verizon Fios deal for Cyber Monday

Best Verizon FiOS Promo for Cyber Monday 2016 Arrives

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The year is coming to a close and you’re thinking of finally upgrading your Internet service? Or maybe you just moved and you need new Internet (if so, we congratulate you on the hard work during holiday season). Whatever the reason, if Verizion Fios is one of the service offered in your area – then you’re in luck as their best Cyber Monday promotion has just appeared for their Fiso product.

For a limited time until December 3rd, that’s next Saturday as of writing – you can reap a giant $200 Visa prepaid gift card bonus for signing up. This is an online exclusive deal that can be found on their official website. Better yet, you’ll be able to sign up for a discounted monthly service plus get setup fee waived during the duration of the promotion – that’s $80 saved.


Two-Year Fios vs No annual contract

If you head to the Verizon Fios official site, you’ll also notice that they are also offering a one year no annual contract sign-up for the same $79.99 a month – but note that this offer does NOT come with the $200 Visa prepaid gift card bonus.

For full terms of the deal including details on the $80 setup fee being waived, check here. You must have service for 60 days with no past-due balance in order to receive the $200 bonus, the card will be mailed within 90 days of your install date. The setup fee being waived, you should note is an online exclusive.

Note that this is is also the high-end Triple Play service with the fastest Internet option. While Verizon do offer a Fios double play option – it does NOT include the $200 gift card bonus.

While people are constantly unplugged these days, Verizon Fios business appears to still be growing – mostly via their Internet service offerings – with promotion like these, its no wonder they added 90,000 extra customers in recent quarterly filings.

Service Review + Using Own Router

If you’re still on the fence, we recommend checking out DSLReports (the “classic site” for those in the known) for full user reviews. A quick scan shows that for those who signed up for Fios, most are happy with their service – eg review is currently sitting at 1484 good reviews, and 167 bad reviews.

Bad reviews are mostly to due with customer service – which isn’t much of a surprise given the scope/size when you’re talking about a nation-wide service provider. Funny enough, one review has his cost listed at $150/month and he’s being inundated with comments about paying too much (most are paying the $79.99/month rate).

Note that unlike cable or DSL service, a Fios service uses a router instead. If you’re a hardcore DIY your tech enthusiasts – you may investigate setting up your own router instead of the one being supply by Verzion (after you’re settled in with your new service, of course). Logan’s site has good details on this though the process is quite involved. Verizon’s official site also has lots of documentation on the process, so you can check them out here (not really a how-to so recommend only proficient people do this).

As a reminder, the deal runs all week long during “Cyber Monday / Cyber Week” sale for Verizon Fios. Let us know if you spot a better deal elsewhere (e.g. from a reseller etc.) and we’ll investigate!

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