Best Buy Cyber Monday $380 4K HDTV + 8 More Deals

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After browsing all the major retailer this Cyber Monday is, like last year, a great time to buy an HDTV. Get a 4K 55-inch Smart Unit for only $380, 65″ 4K TV for $600, or 43″ 1080p Smart TV for a mere $180. All hot deals at a few different retailers.

We’ve rounded up the top 12 remaining Cyber Monday HDTV deals. These are all the best still live and available to the public with quantity left to sell. You’ll find most at Best Buy and Jet. Note that to get the best price at Jet you’ll need to apply coupon code DROP25 at checkout.

55″ – 43″ 4K Models

65″ – 60″ 4K Models

Hot 1080p TV Deals

While the “Best” deal of the bunch is subject to your personal preferences, we have a few favorites ourselves. The incredibly cheap Toshiba 55-inch 4K Smart TV at Best Buy for $379.99 is as cheap as a 55-inch 4K Smart Unit has ever gotten in new condition like this. Most regions will not have store pickup as an option for this TV, but shipping is still available and it’s free.

Another top TV deal we’d highly recommend is the 50-inch Westinghouse 1080p TV for only $230. This is about as cheap as most retailers are charging for 40-inch 1080p TVs, and screen size should be the most important thing you’re looking for in terms of specs. Unlike the Toshiba TVs at Best Buy, this one is more widely available for store pickup, but also shipping is free.

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